Bathrooms are present in pretty much all properties but of course, some are far more superior than others. In terms of DIY, there is a high demand for quality appliances, materials and other products that are used within the bathroom.

Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom extractor fan or you need to reseal your bath, all of the content below is bathroom related.

How To Clean Shower Glass

Deep cleaning shower glass such as the screen, door or enclosure is a great way to restore the sparkle it had from the day it was installed. Within this article, we discuss our top tips on how to clean shower glass with very little effort.

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles

Whether you have wall or floor tiles in your bathroom, they can begin to lose their sparkle if you don’t clean them on a regular basis. Within this article, we show you our top tips on how to clean your bathroom tiles and grouting with ease.

How To Remove Bathroom Sealant

Bathroom sealant can often become mouldy and begin to discolour overtime which can ruin the overall appearance of your bathroom. However, below we show you how to remove it and replace the sealant in just a few easy steps.

How To Clean A Shower Head

Keeping your shower head clean not only makes it sparkle in your bathroom but also helps to improve water pressure and keep the spray pattern consistent. Below you can find our top tips on how to clean a shower head with or without removing it.

How To Fit A Shower Tray

Apart from the shower itself, the shower tray is one of the most important components and it’s crucial that you choose one that’s built to last. Just as important is the way it’s installed and below we walk you through how to fit a shower tray.

How To Seal A Bath

Whether you are resealing an existing bath or sealing a brand new bath, it’s a relatively straightforward task and a great way to freshen up your bathroom. Within this article, we walk you through how to seal a bath with photos and videos to help you along the way.