The Best Electric Showers: From Drizzle to Downpour in Style

Transform your bathroom with our handpicked electric showers, compatible with all water pressures and boasting sleek designs.
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Best Electric Shower
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Although it may be tempting to buy and install the highest kW-rated electric shower on the market, it isn’t necessarily the best choice. Therefore, before choosing a powerful system such as a 10.5kW unit, you’ll want to ensure that your consumer unit has the required amount of amps to support it. This is a critical factor to consider because failing to meet the load required to run the powerful electric shower may result in power outages.

The most popular power options that brands offer in the UK include 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW systems and the prices often increase with the higher kW ratings. Although the higher kW-rated systems often come with a premium price tag, the greater flow of water provides a more luxurious experience whilst showering.

Many brands also offer a variety of styles with the most common design being a white and chrome system with rotary dials and push buttons. However, some of the latest systems now include digital displays, indicators, LED lighting and many other extra features.

To assist you in selecting an electric shower, our handpicked selection lists top-performing models, chosen based on our first-hand experience installing and using a range of systems. Our testing and up-to-date research further ensure the quality of our recommendations.

Triton Seville 10.5kW Electric Shower
Best Overall: Triton Seville 10.5kW Electric Shower
Mira Sport Max 10.8kW Electric Shower
Best For Performance: Mira Sport Max 10.8kW
Bristan Bliss 3 8.5kW Electric Shower
Best For Low Water Pressure: Bristan Bliss 3 8.5kW
Mira Azora Thermostatic Electric Shower
Best Quality: Mira Azora Thermostatic Electric Shower
Aqualisa Quartz 9.5kW Electric Shower
Best All-Rounder: Aqualisa Quartz 9.5kW
Gainsborough SE 8.5kW Electric Shower
Best Budget: Gainsborough SE 8.5kW Electric Shower

How The DIY Works Team Tests & Rates Electric Showers

As we own several properties (Airbnb’s/Rentals), an electric shower is a product that we’ve replaced on multiple occasions. An example of our experience with electric showers can be seen from the installation of the Triton T80 below. It was very straightforward to fit and provided great performance for the money when compared to the alternatives.

Best Electric Shower UK

Richard Morgan/DIY Works

To keep up our commitment to testing and reviewing the latest electric showers (for this article), we are continually upgrading the units we have currently installed.

During our ongoing testing, we analyse the electric showers on their construction quality, ease of use and installation, aesthetics and performance.

Below are two of the latest electric showers we installed and tested, which included the Mira Sport Max (one of our best-rated recommendations) as well as the latest unit by Aqualisa.

best electric showers

Richard Morgan/DIY Works
best electric power shower

Richard Morgan/DIY Works

Along with our testing and experience in installing electric showers, we also based our recommendations on hours of research and several factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the performance, spray patterns, ease of installation, styling, features, additional components supplied, warranty and value for money.

The Best Electric Showers

At DIY Works, our content is 100% independent and we would never recommend a product that we wouldn't use ourselves (read our editorial standards and how we test products).

1. Best Overall: Triton Seville 10.5kW Electric Shower

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The most popular electric shower that’s available in the UK is the Triton Seville. It’s available as a 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 or 10.5kW system with the extra power being more desirable.

If you are simply replacing an older system, the Triton Seville is a very versatile option to consider. This is because it features multiple cable and water entry points, which makes the installation much easier.

  • 45A MCB rating
  • Rotary temperature and power controls
  • Supplied with an easy to clean shower head
  • Backed by a two year warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Offers great value considering its impressive performance
  • Very easy to install with multiple cable and water entry points
  • Requires a good water pressure (minimum requirement of 1.5 bar)
  • Not as aesthetically pleasing as other models offered by the brand

To conclude, the Triton Seville 10.5kW electric shower is the best option for those requiring an affordable yet powerful system. The only drawbacks are the fact that it requires at least 1.5 bar of pressure and that it’s not very aesthetically pleasing. However, if this is an issue, you can opt for the more expensive Kito or Collection models by the brand.

2. Best For Performance: Mira Sport Max 10.8kW

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Mira is another popular shower brand in the UK and their Sport Max electric shower is a premium alternative to the Triton Seville above. It’s available as a 9.0kW or 10.8kW system and features advanced pressure stabilised temperature control for a consistent water temperature whilst showering.

A great benefit of this particular model is the fact that it uses their patented technology known as “Sensi-Flo”. The benefits of this are that it helps prevent scalding and also cuts limescale in half according to the brand.

According to the brand, they also claim that this model comes with up to 30% more flow without using more power. This is due to their “Airboost” technology, which makes this a high performing electric shower.

  • Push button to switch the system on and off
  • Separate power and temperature controls
  • White and chrome design
  • Adjustable slide bar to fit over the holes of previous systems
  • Includes a large 110 mm 4 spray shower head
  • Desirable option of a 10.8kW electric shower for performance
  • Backed by a reputable brand
  • New and improved model that features many additional features
  • Relatively expensive when compared to other electric showers

To conclude, the Mira Sport Max electric shower is highly rated and one of the best. It does cost significantly more than the alternatives but when you consider the cutting edge technology and quality, it makes it a worthwhile investment.

3. Best For Low Water Pressure: Bristan Bliss 3 8.5kW

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The Bristan Bliss 3 is a modern electric shower that’s recently been updated and now features an intuitive digital display. The brand themselves offers a range of models such as the Smile, Glee and Joy but the Bliss 3 is their most rated electric shower that’s packed full of features that make it stand out from the crowd.

In terms of the power options, it’s available as an 8.5, 9.5 or 10.5kW system and the water feed requirement is just 0.7 bar, which makes it the perfect solution for households with low water pressure. To help prevent the build-up of limescale, it also has a dedicated anti-limescale feature, which works by simply flushing the system with cold water after use.

  • Designed to cover existing installations
  • Touch on/off controls and power settings
  • Dedicated “warm up” mode
  • Performance and maintenance indicators
  • Multiple water and cable entries for easy installation
  • Desirable digital display that shows the temperature
  • When using the system during our testing, we found that the electronic control were confusing at first

To conclude, the Bristan Bliss 3 is a great option to consider for those looking for a sleek design that works well with low water pressure. It’s also the brand’s latest system with an updated design and improved performance too.

4. Best Quality: Mira Azora Thermostatic Electric Shower

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By far the most expensive electric shower within our roundup is the Mira Azora. It’s a high quality system that offers thermostatic temperature stability with separate temperature and flow controls to fine tune your showering experience. It isn’t the cheapest but its build quality, luxury features and performance make it one of the best.

Not only does it have a modern design but it also features plenty of clever technology. For example, it uses the brand’s proven “ClearScale” technology that reduces the build-up of limescale by up to 50%.

  • Thermostatic temperature stability
  • Rated at 9.8 KW
  • Elegant frosted glass fascia for a luxury look and feel
  • Supplied with a four spray 110 mm shower head
  • Separate temperature and water flow controls
  • Phased shutdown
  • Most expensive within our roundup

Overall, the Azora model is the best Mira electric shower on the market that’s built to the highest of standards. However, it does come with an expensive price tag to match and this may put many people off this particular model.

5. Best All-Rounder: Aqualisa Quartz 9.5kW

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Aqualisa is another premium brand that produces a range of shower and bathroom appliances. The Quartz model is a 9.5kW electric shower that places no demand upon stored hot water. It also features an “Over Temperature Protection System” and delayed shut down that flushes away any leftover hot water.

  • Versatile design for easy installation
  • Includes a shower head with 5 spray patterns
  • Push buttons with LED illumination
  • Rub clean nozzles and anti-twist hose
  • Backed by a two year warranty
  • Available in white, graphite or chrome finishes
  • Build quality isn't as great as similar priced alternatives

Overall, it’s an excellent all-round electric shower that features all the features you would ever need. The stylish white and chrome design also looks great and works well in the majority of bathrooms.

6. Best Budget: Gainsborough SE 8.5kW Electric Shower

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For those looking for a cheap electric shower that’s actually worth buying, the Gainsborough SE is the best budget option. The only drawback is that it’s only available as an 8.5kW system but a great positive is that it only requires 0.9 bar of water pressure to perform as expected.

  • Stop/start push button
  • Stylish gloss white and chrome design
  • Single dial to control flow rate and temperature
  • Phased shutdown safety feature
  • BEAB approved
  • Backed by a 1 year guarantee
  • Only available as a 8.5kW electric shower

To conclude, it’s an affordable 8.5kW electric shower that works well with low water pressure and has all the basic functionality you would require. Although Gainsborough isn’t a major brand within the bathroom industry in the UK, the SE model certainly offers great value for money.

Electric Shower Buying Guide

Showers that output low pressure at high temperatures can make showering an unpleasant experience. However, with the latest line up of electric showers, you are able to easily upgrade the system to one that’s more powerful and efficient. They are also available in a range of power options with the higher kW ratings being more desirable.

Considering that you’ll shower at least once a day, investing in the best electric shower is a worthwhile investment. They have improved a great deal over the years with manufacturers competing with each other to bring the latest features and functionality.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding electric showers.

Safety Regulations

When dealing with electricity, safety must be paramount. Therefore, before you install an electric shower, you’ll want to ensure your consumer unit can support it.

High kW showers will use a lot of power, which many consumer units may not be able to handle. Therefore, you’ll want to check that the cable and protection device is suitable for the electric shower you choose.

Installing or Replacing an Electric Shower

Installation of an electric shower can be achieved by yourself or a professional. The labour cost that a professional may charge will depend upon their hourly rate. However, as an approximation, the installation of a brand new electric shower may take around 6 hours whereas a simple replacement may take just 3 hours.

When it comes to the installation of an electric shower, you’ll want to consult both an electrician and a plumber. This is because mixing high powered electricity and water isn’t a good match. However, if the wiring and water supply have already been installed, replacing the electric shower can be a simple DIY task.

To replace the old system with one of the recommendations listed above, follow the 10 steps below:

  1. Disconnect the power supply.
  2. Switch off the water supply.
  3. Remove the old unit that holds it onto the wall.
  4. Remove the front panel of the new unit and check the water supply connections.
  5. Place the new system where the last one was fitted and mark up new holes to screw into.
  6. Drill into the wall using the markings and insert rawlplugs.
  7. Connect the neutral live and check the earths are installed correctly.
  8. Connect the water supply.
  9. Turn on both the power and water supply.
  10. Thoroughly test by using all the functions and temperature settings.

Replacing an electric shower as opposed to installing a complete new system is far easier. Unless you know what you are doing, we would advise that you contact a professional to avoid all of the hassle.

Power Options

The main specification of an electric shower is the kW rating and the most common options include 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW. Whilst browsing through the various options available, we highly advise that you choose a system that’s rated at 8.5kW and over to ensure that you always have a hot shower.

If you are willing to spend slightly more, choosing a powerful electric shower such as a 10.5kW system will allow you to run higher pressure at higher temperatures. However, the drawback is that there will be more water usage and they are generally more expensive to purchase. Alternatively, if you have low water pressure in your house, your best option would be to choose a power shower with a built-in boost pump.

The low powered eco-friendly electric showers flow slowly past the heating element to heat the water and this has the result of less pressure at higher temperatures. Although this isn’t desirable, if you have an unreliable water supply or a small water tank, the low powered alternatives are a good option to consider.

best electric shower for low water pressure

Richard Morgan/DIY Works

Phased Shutdown

To help improve the longevity of the system, some brands integrate a phased shutdown into their showers. This means that the water will continue to run for a few seconds after it has been switched off. The purpose of this is that it allows any water left in the system to drain out, which reduces lime scale in the heater and shower head.

Temperature Stabilised and Thermostatic Systems

Water that fluctuates in temperature whilst you are showering can be highly frustrating. The fluctuations can be caused by a toilet being flushed or the tap being turned on. If this is something that you find very irritating, you’ll want an electric shower that features temperature stabilisation. It works by controlling the water temperature by the amount of water passing through the system but this does sometimes result in a slower flow of water.

An alternative to temperature stabilising systems is a thermostatic system that ensures the water temperature remains constant regardless of the water supply. It’s the preferred option over a temperature stabilised system but it does cost quite a bit more to purchase.

Ease of Use

Using an electric shower shouldn’t be complex and luckily most aren’t. The majority of systems use a rotary dial for controlling the temperature with some having a digital display for showing the selected temperature. However, stopping and starting the shower usually differs because some may use a push button whereas others may use another rotary dial.

Benefits of Choosing an Electric System

Installing an electric shower instead of a standard system has various benefits such as:

  • Easier installation
  • Endless hot water supply
  • More versatile
  • Energy efficient
  • Independent from the hot water supply

If you are lucky enough to have an en-suite or additional bathrooms in your home, the best option is usually to install an electric shower. This is due to the ease of installation and the limited plumbing required.

Top Electric Shower Brands

Purchasing an electric shower from a reputable brand is highly advised. Not only will there be spare parts and accessories available but they often have better warranties. Some of the brands that we would recommend include:

  • Triton
  • Mira Showers
  • Bristan
  • Aqualisa
  • … and a few others


Installing an electric shower as opposed to a thermostatic shower can be the best option if there is no existing plumbing. All that’s required to install an electric system is a power supply and the addition of a cold water supply to the shower. If your budget allows, we would recommend choosing a higher kW rated system. This is primarily because the increased water pressure at your desired temperature transforms your showering experience and makes it worth the added investment.

All of our recommendations listed above are suitable for all budgets and are manufactured by the best brands in the UK. However, to avoid disappointment, ensure that your consumer unit can support the power that the system requires.

If you require further information regarding any of our electric shower recommendations, feel free to get in touch and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.

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