The Best Garage Floor Paints For A Showroom Finish

Put an end to the neglect of your garage floor with our handpicked selection of paints that ensure a durable, high-quality finish.
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Best Garage Floor Paint
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Garage floor paint is designed to be far more durable than standard paints and they also allow you to add some colour to dull concrete floors. Whether your garage is used as a workshop for all your DIY projects or to store cars, there are plenty of paints to choose from.

Due to the vast size of most garage floors, it’s important that you buy plenty of paint for the job. The majority of our recommendations provide up to 10 square metres of coverage per litre but for peace of mind, it’s always advised to buy more paint than you need.

To assist you in selecting a garage floor paint, our handpicked selection lists top-performing paints, chosen based on our first-hand experience painting garage floors of all sizes. Our testing and up-to-date research further ensure the quality of our recommendations.

Polar Heavy Duty Garage Floor Paint
Best Overall: Polar Heavy Duty Garage Floor Paint
Everbuild Polyurethane Paint
Most Versatile: Everbuild Polyurethane Floor Paint
Johnstone’s 307938 Paint For Garage Floors
Best All-Rounder: Johnstone’s 307938 Paint For Garage Floors
TA Paints Concrete Floor Paint
Best Colour Selection: TA Paints Concrete Floor Paint
Leyland Trade 264619 Heavy Duty Floor Paint
Best Value: Leyland Trade 264619 Floor Paint

How The DIY Works Team Tests & Rates The Garage Floor Paints

As we own a number of properties that have garages attached (Airbnb’s and rentals) as well as a garage at the DIY Works office, we’ve had the pleasure of testing a range of garage floor paints. As you can see from the photos below, grey is our favourite colour to paint garage floors but most brands offer a selection of colours to choose from.

To keep up our commitment to reviewing and testing the latest garage floor paints (for this article), we are continually testing the latest offerings from top brands in the UK.

During our ongoing testing of the garage floor paints, we analyse the paint’s finish, ease of use, coverage and durability.

best floor paint for concrete

Edward Bailey/DIY Works
best concrete floor paint

Edward Bailey/DIY Works

As you can see from the before and after photo we took of a recent garage floor painting project, a fresh lick of paint really does make a big difference.

If it’s your first time painting a garage floor, we strongly recommend attaching an extension pole to your paint roller. This is because it’ll make painting the floor far easier and less strenuous on your back. It’s worth pointing out that as well as a roller, you’ll also require paint brushes for tight spaces and edging.

best paint for concrete floors

Edward Bailey/DIY Works
best garage floor paint uk

Edward Bailey/DIY Works

As well as testing and our experience painting multiple garage floors, we also based our recommendations on the latest research and several factors. Some of the factors that we considered included the paint’s durability, oil and grease resistance, finish, coverage, ease of application, colour selection, dry time and value for money.

The Best Garage Floor Paints

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1. Best Overall: Polar Heavy Duty Garage Floor Paint

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Polar is a brand that specialises in niche paints and their heavy-duty garage floor paint is an affordable option that outperforms many of the premium alternatives. In terms of its stand-out features, it provides an extremely durable finish that’s chemical resistant and it’s also very easy to apply to both stone and concrete floors.

With regards to the colour selection, the brand offers the paint in grey, white or yellow and each is available in 5, 10 or 20-litre tins.

  • Provides heavy duty protection for concrete or stone floors
  • Hard wearing with a polyurethane finish that's chemical resistant
  • Coverage of 12 square metres per 1 litres
  • Available in grey, white or yellow
  • Touch to dry in 2 to 4 hours
  • Slip resistant
  • During our testing, it was easy to apply and looked great but it took a while to completely dry out before we were happy to park our car on top of it

To conclude, the Polar Heavy Duty garage floor paint offers the best value for the money as well as providing great coverage per litre. Unlike similarly priced alternatives, it’s easy to apply and provides a tough finish that can handle years of heavy-duty use.

2. Most Versatile: Everbuild Polyurethane Floor Paint

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The Everbuild Floor Paint is a great option to consider mainly due to its versatility and durability. According to the brand, it has been designed for maximum durability and is resistant to dilute acids/alkalis and oils. It also benefits from being suitable for concrete, stone and brick surfaces that are all common within a garage.

In terms of its coverage, the brand state that you should be able to paint up to 10 square metres per litre.

  • Solvent based polyurethane formula
  • Provides a durable finish that's oil and abrasion resistant
  • Touch dry in 2 to 4 hours
  • Very easy to apply (we recommend a brush or roller)
  • Suitable for garages, workshops, walkways and a range of other surfaces
  • Most expensive within our roundup
  • Only covers 10 m2 per litre

For painting brick, stone or concrete floors, this paint will provide a durable finish that’ll transform the garage’s appearance. However, to achieve the perfect finish, you’ll require plenty of paint due to its poor coverage and this does make this paint an expensive option. During the testing of this garage floor paint within one of our properties, we used the paint on the floor as well as the brick walls so the colours matched and it looked excellent once complete.

3. Best All-Rounder: Johnstone’s 307938 Paint For Garage Floors

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Johnstone’s is a highly reputable UK brand in the paint industry and they produce their very own garage floor paint. It’s designed to be applied to concrete floors and once dry, it’ll provide a semi-gloss finish.

In terms of the paint colours available, the choices include dark grey, dark green, black, white or tile red.

  • Resists oil and grease spillages
  • Multiple colour and tin size options
  • 11 to 12 square metres coverage
  • Desirable semi gloss finish
  • Relatively expensive per litre when compared to the alternatives

Although it’s slightly more expensive and requires two coats, this paint produces an outstanding finish.

Therefore, to conclude, the Johnstone’s paint for garage floors is an excellent all-round option that certainly won’t disappoint and its popularity is a clear indication of its quality.

4. Best Colour Selection: TA Paints Concrete Floor Paint

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If you are looking for a brand that produces the widest variety of colours, TA Paints is the answer. They offer a staggering 26 colours and tins that range from 1 to 20 litres, which is more than ideal for most garages.

If you intend to paint other surfaces within your garage, this floor paint also benefits from being very versatile. This is because it can also be used on wood, metal, stone and brick via a brush or roller.

  • Choice of 26 different colours to choose from
  • Fast drying time (90 to 120 minutes)
  • Easy to apply by brush or roller
  • Suitable for most floor substrates
  • Poor coverage (8 to 10 m2 per litre)

Overall, it’s a high-quality garage floor paint that’s available in a wide variety of colours to best suit your requirements. The only main drawback is the lack of coverage per metre, which may make it more expensive to use for larger floors.

5. Best Value: Leyland Trade 264619 Floor Paint

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One of the cheapest options when it comes to painting your garage floor is the Leyland Paint. Although affordable, it’s able to produce a professional grade and hard-wearing finish that’s durable and resistant to mild chemical spills.

  • Available in slate, frigate or nimbus grey
  • Hard wearing satin finish
  • Suitable for concrete or wooden floors
  • 11 square metre coverage per 1 litre
  • During testing of this floor paint, we found that it lacked anti-slip qualities once dry (the brand do offer a more expensive non-slip alternative)

To conclude, this heavy-duty garage floor paint by Leyland ticks all the boxes and offers great value for money. The three shades of grey look great and for relatively affordable paint, it also provides excellent coverage per litre too.


Freshening up your garage with some of the latest floor paints is much easier than you think. They are available in a variety of colours and can be applied using an extended roller. It’s important to note that ideally, the floor should be prepared beforehand. This would include drying it out and removing any dust that has accumulated.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and include a wide range of colour options. However, to avoid disappointment, we advise that you buy from a trusted UK brand for complete peace of mind.

If you require further information regarding our garage floor paint recommendations, feel free to get in touch and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.

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