The Best Halogen Heaters For Cost Effective Warmth

Create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home with our handpicked selection of budget-friendly halogen heaters.
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best halogen heaters
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Halogen heaters have become a popular solution for many as they are affordable and provide instant radiant heat through the halogen elements in the lamps. Whether you’re seeking an affordable heating solution for a small room or an additional way to supplement your central heating, they are highly recommended and there is a range to choose from.

To help you choose a halogen heater, our hand-picked selection features top-performing models chosen through our first-hand experience using multiple heaters, testing and thorough research.

Beldray Three Bar Portable Halogen Heater
Best Overall: Beldray Three Bar Portable Heater
Warmlite Oscillating Halogen Heater
Best Value: Warmlite WL42005N Oscillating Halogen Heater
DONYER Electric Halogen Heater
Best Outdoor: DONYER Electric Halogen Heater
Sealey IR15110V Infrared Heater
Best Heavy Duty: Sealey IR15110V Infrared Heater
Belaco Halogen Electric Heater
Best All-Rounder: Belaco Halogen Electric Heater
GEEPAS Quartz Halogen Heater
Best Budget: GEEPAS GQH9105 Quartz Heater

How The DIY Works Team Tests & Rates The Halogen Heaters

Heating your house can not only be expensive but with central heating, it can also take time. Therefore, this is where halogen heaters become very beneficial because they provide instant heat and they are ideal for small spaces.

Compared to other types of heaters (such as an oil-filled radiator), halogen heaters are available in a range of shapes and sizes and many can also be used outdoors.

Best Halogen Heater

Richard Morgan/DIY Works

Over the years, we’ve tried and tested a selection of halogen heaters from top brands in the UK. During our ongoing testing, we analyse the heater’s performance, usability, build quality, safety features as well as any additional features that it has to offer.

To keep up our commitment to reviewing and testing the latest halogen heaters (for this article), we are continually testing out the latest offerings from top brands. This means that when we see a brand has released a new and improved model, we put it to the test with the criteria mentioned above before deciding if it should be included in our roundup.

best halogen heaters energy efficient

Richard Morgan/DIY Works
best halogen heaters uk

Richard Morgan/DIY Works

As well as our testing and experience using multiple halogen heaters, we also based our recommendations on the latest research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the heater’s performance, ease of operation, design, build quality, safety features, additional functionality and value for the money.

Top Tip: When purchasing a halogen heater, we highly advise that you check that the bulbs can be replaced. This is because halogen bulbs eventually break after prolonged use but luckily, they are fairly cheap to buy and easy to replace. However, if you can’t replace the bulb, you’ll have to purchase a new halogen heater altogether.

The Best Halogen Heaters

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1. Best Overall: Beldray Three Bar Portable Heater

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The Beldray halogen heater is a premium option that’s capable of producing up to 1,200 watts of heat output. Depending upon your personal preference, you can choose between three different heat settings as well as a wide-angle oscillating function for heating the room.

Compared to many of the cheaper alternatives, this halogen heater sits on top of a sturdy base, which prevents it from tipping and makes it easier to move around.

  • 1,200 watts of heat output
  • Wide angle oscillating function
  • Easily replaceable halogen tubes
  • Choice of three heat settings
  • Thermal cut out and tip over switch
  • Relatively expensive when compared to the alternatives

For heating small rooms, the Beldray halogen heater is an excellent option for warming up specific spots. It’s slightly more expensive than some of the alternatives but the brand provides a one year warranty for peace of mind.

2. Best Value: Warmlite WL42005N Oscillating Halogen Heater

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The Warmlite brand is well-known for producing a wide range of heaters and their halogen option is one of the most popular. It has a similar design and functionality to the Beldray alternative but has a more compact design. Depending upon your requirements, you have the choice of 400, 800 and 1,200-watt heat outputs.

  • Max heat output of 1,200 watts
  • Wide angle oscillating base
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Built-in safety switch and tip over function
  • Subtle grey finish
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Four easy to use buttons
  • Design is quite basic and not aesthetically pleasing

Overall, the Warmlite WL42005N is an excellent all-round option that offers great value for the money. For complete peace of mind, it has the reputable backing of the Warmlite brand and includes a one year warranty.

3. Best Outdoor: DONYER Electric Halogen Heater

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The DONYER brand offers a number of different types of heaters but their halogen heater in particular can be used indoors or outdoors. This is made possible thanks to its water and dust resistance construction (IP24). In terms of its heating performance, it has three heat modes to choose from that output 800, 1200 or 2000W.

  • Instantly heats up within three seconds
  • Supplied with a remote control for control the heat and light modes
  • Easy to install and assemble out of the box
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Meets all the latest UK standards
  • LED light for use in dark conditions
  • Hanging design may not be suitable for all outdoor areas

To conclude, the DONYER halogen heater is a great option to consider if you require instant heat outdoors. Whether you are camping, on your balcony or simply in your garden, it certainly won’t disappoint.

4. Best Heavy Duty: Sealey IR15110V Infrared Heater

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If you want a heavy-duty halogen heater for your garage or workshop, the Sealey brand has the answer with their IR15100V model. It’s a high-performing (2,400W) heater that’s been built with durability in mind. This can be seen by its heavy-duty construction, powder-coated finish and robust castor wheels.

  • Ruby halogen infrared element that have been polished for maximum heat emission
  • Choice of two heat settings (1,200W or 2,400W)
  • Tilting head to direct heat in a certain direction
  • Digital control panel with an LED display
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Programmable 7 day design
  • Easily transported thanks to its three castor wheels
  • Safety tilt switch
  • Most expensive within our roundup

Although expensive, the Sealey IR15110V is built to the highest standards and is ideal for any tough environment. It really does tick all the boxes but only if you are willing to pay the premium price tag.

5. Best All-Rounder: Belaco Halogen Electric Heater

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The Belaco heater is the best alternative to the Beldray model listed above because it’s an affordable halogen heater that offers great performance. The three halogen tubes output up to 1,200W and the unit itself is located upon an oscillating base that allows you to spread heat evenly around your room.

  • Choice of three heat settings
  • High quality oscillating base that remains stable
  • Compact size with an integral handle for easy transportation
  • Safety tip over switch
  • Available in black, grey or silver

    Overall, the Belaco heater is an excellent all-round option that’s affordable, well-made and offers plenty of performance. Its popularity is a clear indication of its quality and it certainly won’t disappoint.

    6. Best Budget: GEEPAS GQH9105 Quartz Heater

    (How We Review →)

    For those that are on a tight budget and require a cheap halogen heater, the GEEPAS GQH9105 is the perfect solution. Although not as powerful when compared to the premium alternatives, its 800W output is more than enough to keep you warm. There is also a choice of two heat settings (300 or 600W) to best suit your requirements too.

    • Lightweight and very portable
    • Plenty of safety features such as overheat protection, tip over switch and a safety grill
    • Ergonomic carry handle
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • Not as powerful as the alternatives
    • Short power cable limits where it can be placed

    For heating bedrooms, offices or even your caravan, the GEEPAS GQH9105 is a great option to consider. It’s also built to a much high standard when compared to similar priced alternatives too.


    Halogen heaters are a cheap yet effective way to heat a room and it’s for this reason why they are so popular. All of our recommendations within our roundup are suited to a range of budgets and heat output requirements. However, depending on the heater you choose, it’s advised that you purchase spare halogen bulbs because they can break.

    If you require further information regarding our halogen heater recommendations, feel free to get in touch and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.

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