The Best Multi-Tools For Ultimate Versatility

Trimming wood, tackling metal, or removing grout, explore the power and versatility of oscillating multi-tools with our handpicked selection.
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Oscillating multi-tools are the best tools to use for small cutting jobs and due to their versatility, they are one of the most useful tools to carry in your toolbox. Whether you require a corded or the desirable cordless variant, there is plenty to choose from at your disposal.

To assist you in selecting the right oscillating multi-tool, our handpicked selection lists top-performing models, chosen based on our first-hand experience using multiple to cut a range of surfaces. Our testing and up-to-date research further ensure the quality of our recommendations.

DEWALT DCS355 Oscillating Multi-Tool
Best Cordless: DEWALT DCS355 Oscillating Multi-Tool
Bosch PMF 220 CE Multi-Tool
Best Corded: Bosch PMF 220 CE Multi-Tool
Makita DTM52Z Multi-Tool
Best Professional: Makita DTM52Z Multi-Tool
Milwaukee M18BMT-0
Best Performing: Milwaukee M18BMT-0
Einhell Power X-Change Varrito
Best Value: Einhell Power X-Change Varrito
VonHaus 280W Oscillating Multi Tool
Best Budget: VonHaus 280W Oscillating Multi Tool

How The DIY Works Team Tests & Rates Multi-Tools

Multi-tools don’t just cut extremely well but they can also be used for several other applications such as sanding and removing grout. We’ve owned several over the years and it’s a tool that we carry in our toolbox everywhere.

As you can see in the photos below, we’ve used multi-tools to cut holes in plasterboard, replace plug sockets, accurately cut wood flooring and even chase wires. They are very versatile tools and until you’ve used one, you won’t understand what all the fuss is about. They’ve transformed the way we carry out some of our DIY and when we speak to other professional tradesmen, they completely agree and it’s also one of their “go-to” tools.

During our ongoing testing of multi-tools, we analyse their build quality, performance, ease of switching accessories, additional functions and usability.

best multi tool uk

David White/DIY Works
best cordless multi tool

David White/DIY Works

To keep up our commitment to reviewing and testing the latest multi-tools (for this article), we are continually testing out the latest offerings from top brands in the UK. This means that when we notice a brand has released a new and improved model, we will attempt to purchase it and put it to the test (where applicable).

best multitool uk

David White/DIY Works
best multitool

David White/DIY Works

As well as our testing and experience using multiple multi-tools, we also based our recommendations on the latest research and several factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the tool’s build quality, performance, ease of changing accessories, usability, additional functions, warranty and value for money.

The Best Multi-Tools

At DIY Works, our content is 100% independent and we would never recommend a product that we wouldn't use ourselves (read our editorial standards and how we test products).

1. Best Cordless: DEWALT DCS355 Oscillating Multi-Tool

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By far the most popular cordless multi-tool on the market is the DEWALT DCS355N and for good reason too. This is because it has been improved several times by the brand and it now features a range of useful features such as a patented “Quick Change” system for accessories, variable speed control, a bright LED and 29 different accessories.

When compared to similarly priced multi-tools, DEWALT’s multi-tool is built to a much higher standard and the battery is also interchangeable with other DEWALT power tools too.

  • Offers great value for money
  • Delivers 0-22,000 oscillations per minute
  • Desirable dual grip position and variable speed control for more comfortable use over extended periods
  • Accessories take seconds to switch over thanks to the tool's quick release system
  • Supplied with a 29-piece accessory set for all your cutting and sanding needs (most of the "pieces" are sandpaper)
  • Bright LED for working in dark work conditions
  • Features a universal accessory adapter, which means you can use other (usually cheaper) accessories from different brands
  • Built to a high standard by a reputable brand
  • Compared to the brand's corded model, it's larger in size

To conclude, the DEWALT DCS355N ticks all the boxes in terms of build quality, performance and value. It’s also backed by the reputable DEWALT brand for peace of mind and the batteries can also be used with other of the brand’s tools too. Its popularity is a clear indication of its quality and during testing, we were really impressed with it.

We use this particular model regularly for our DIY tasks and it has never let us down when cutting and sanding a range of materials. In our “How We Rated” section below, you can see some of our tests whilst using this multi-tool.

2. Best Corded: Bosch PMF 220 CE Multi-Tool

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Another multi-tool that’s produced by a reputable brand is the Bosch PMF 220 CE and it’s the brand’s new and improved model that features a patented “Star Lock” system. This improvement means that there is a greater range of accessories that can be used with the tool and it’s far easier to switch between them too.

As this is a corded multi-tool, you are limited by the 2-metre power cable but as long as you have an extension lead, the cable shouldn’t pose a problem.

  • High-quality construction and developed by a reputable brand
  • Intuitive Star Lock system and magnetic toolholder makes changing accessories quick and effortless
  • Desirable 4-stage depth stop that enables you to maintain an exact cutting depth
  • Comes complete with all the main accessories (additional are available at an extra cost)
  • Optional vibration control handle available
  • Due to the brand's Star Lock system, you can't use other cheaper third party accessories
  • Relatively expensive when compared to other corded options

If you would prefer to use a corded multi-tool as opposed to the cordless alternatives, the Bosch PMF 220 CE is by far the best option. Although it isn’t the cheapest, it’s well-made, easy to use and certain to last many years of use.

3. Best Professional: Makita DTM52Z Multi-Tool

(How We Review →)

The most expensive multi-tool within our roundup is the DTM52Z model by Makita and it’s favoured by professionals and avid DIY’ers. The reason for this is because it features many desirable features that make it far more effective to use than other multi-tools. For example, there are 12 angle settings at every 30 degrees (0 to 360 degrees), improved performance, anti-vibration, soft start and variable speed control, anti-restart and so much more.

  • Built to the highest of standards by the reputable Makita brand
  • Choice of 12 angle settings
  • Packed full of intuitive features
  • Compatible with Star Lock accessories
  • Oscillation angle of 3.6 degrees for faster cutting and sanding
  • Easy to use with a slide switch and small diameter body (for holding the tool)
  • Easy and tool-less switchover of accessories
  • Batteries are interchangeable with other Makita tools
  • Most expensive multi-tool in our roundup
  • Doesn't feature a universal accessory adapter

Although expensive, the Makita DTM52Z is the best multi-tool for those that want to tackle heavy-duty applications and will use the tool regularly to make it a worthwhile investment. As it’s a Makita power tool, it follows the brand’s excellent reputation for build quality and it’ll certainly withstand years of heavy usage without mishap.

4. Best Performing: Milwaukee M18BMT-0

(How We Review →)

Another cordless multi-tool that’s also favoured among professionals is the Milwaukee M18BMT-0 and as with the Makita model above, it also comes with a premium price tag. However, what makes this particular model stand out from the crowd is the fact that there is the choice of 12 speeds and it’s built to the highest of standards. Some of the elements that display its quality include a magnesium gearbox, replaceable carbon brushes and a protective rubber casing.

  • Desirable universal blade change adapter (can use cheaper replacement blades)
  • Built to the highest of standards
  • Choice of 12 speeds to best suit the cutting or sanding application
  • Bright LED torch for working in dark environments
  • Multiple safety features such as overload protection and a cutting depth stop adapter
  • Easy to use with a thumb on/off switch
  • Comes with a 39-piece accessory kit
  • Relatively expensive when compared to other multi-tools

To conclude, if you want maximum control and performance from your multi-tool, the Milwaukee M18BMT-0 is the best option. Although you have to pay a premium, it’s built to the highest of standards and also benefits from featuring a universal accessory adapter (unlike the Makita above), which means you can use cheaper replacement blades.

5. Best Value: Einhell Power X-Change Varrito

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If you are on a tight budget but still want a cordless multi-tool, the Einhell Varrito is a great option to consider. Compared to its predecessor (TC-MG 220), it’s part of the Power X-Change series which means that the batteries are interchangeable and it has also seen plenty of additional features added too. Included with the multi-tool is a host of accessories such as a triangular sanding plate, segment and plunge cut saw blades and plenty of sandpaper.

  • Offers great value for the money when compared to other cordless multi-tools
  • Quick release lock with a magnetic tool holder that makes changing accessories far easier and quicker
  • Variable speed control to best suit the application
  • Reduced vibrations as the battery holder is vibration-decoupled, which means less vibrations are transmitted to the user
  • Desirable soft grip for more comfortable use
  • Comes as a complete kit (battery and charger is optional)
  • No English instructions (although it's very easy to setup and use)
  • Doesn't come with a storage case

To conclude, the Einhell Varrito is an excellent all-round cordless multi-tool and when compared to the alternatives, it offers the best value. If you already own one of the brand’s power tools, it’s even cheaper as the batteries are interchangeable. Apart from the lack of English instructions and a storage case, there isn’t much to dislike about it.

6. Best Budget: VonHaus 280W Oscillating Multi Tool

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One of the cheapest oscillating multi-tools that’s actually worth buying is by the VonHaus brand. Not only does the tool itself cost a fraction of the premium alternatives but also included in the price is a 15-piece accessory kit, sanding pads, dust extraction and even a sturdy toolbox. It really is the complete package and for the price, you can’t go wrong.

In terms of performance, the corded multi-tool has a maximum speed of 20,000 oscillations per minute and it’s operated by the thumb switch located at the rear of the tool.

  • Comes as a complete kit that can be used to sand, cut, grind and scrape
  • Anti-vibration and variable speed control for comfortable extended use
  • Easy to switch between tools with the universal adapter
  • Comes with a carry case for securely storing the multi-tool and all the accessories
  • Not built to the best of standards but this is to be expected considering its budget price

For occasional DIY where you find yourself requiring a multi-tool, this VonHaus model is a great option to consider. Whether you need to cut, sand, scrape or grind, it’s a great piece of kit that costs a fraction of the premium alternatives. However, due to its budget price tag, you do sacrifice quality but as an introduction to the versatility of multi-tools, it’s by far the best budget option available in the UK.


Oscillating multi-tools are one of the most versatile power tools on the market and with a host of accessories that can be attached, there aren’t many applications they can’t be used. From trimming out sections of plasterboard to removing grout from tiles, as shown above, we use oscillating multi-tools regularly and couldn’t be without them these days.

All of our recommendations cater for every budget and experience level but if you require further assistance regarding our multi-tool recommendations, feel free to get in touch and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.

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