The Best Paints For All Types of Plastic

When it comes to painting plastic, quality matters and our handpicked selection of paints are suitable for all plastic surfaces.
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Whether you need to paint plastic furniture, doors, toys, PVC or any other item, there are many types of paint for plastic surfaces at your disposal. As you can see in the image above, we were creative with the choice of paint that we used on plastic garden furniture and this is because there is a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from.

Although most paints that can be used on plastic are classed as “universal” paints, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because they can be used to paint a range of other surfaces too.

To assist you in selecting the right plastic paint, our handpicked selection showcases top-performing brush and spray paints, chosen based on our first-hand experience using them to paint a variety of plastic surfaces. Our rigorous testing and up-to-date research further ensure the quality of our recommendations.

Rust-Oleum Painters’ Touch
Best Spray: Rust-Oleum Painters’ Touch
Plasti-kote 10607 Plastic Paint
Best Spray Runner-Up: Plasti-Kote 10607 Plastic Paint
Hycote Fast Drying Paint For Plastic
Most Durable Spray: Hycote The Perfect Finish
151 Spray to Plastic Paint
Best Value: 151 Spray to Plastic Paint
Rust-Oleum Universal Paint
Best Brush-On: Rust-Oleum Universal Paint
The One Multi Surface Paint
Best Brush-On Runner-Up: The One Multi Surface Paint

How The DIY Works Team Tests & Rates The Plastic Paints

Compared to other DIY tasks, painting plastic is very rewarding and over the years, we’ve painted a range of plastic surfaces such as garden furniture, car parts, gutters, facias and soffits, sheds and so much more.

As you can see in the image, my partner wanted a standout plant pot that was completely unique. Therefore, instead of hours searching the internet, we simply found a suitable plastic plant pot to paint. In terms of the paint we used, Rust Oleum (our best-rated paint for plastic) certainly ticked all the boxes and it was very easy to apply.

best spray paints for plastic

Edward Bailey/DIY Works

As well as our testing and experience, we also based our recommendations on the latest research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the colour selection, ease of application, compatibility (interior or exterior use), finish, durability, coverage and value for money.

The Best Paints For Plastic

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1. Best Spray: Rust-Oleum Painters’ Touch

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By far the most popular paint that’s suitable for spraying plastic surfaces is the Painters’ Touch by Rust-Oleum. It’s a multi-purpose paint that’s available in 42 different colours and can simply be sprayed onto most surfaces with ease.

The colour and finishes available with this spray paint make it the ideal choice for those looking to be creative. From white to pink and gloss to matt finishes, the Painters’ Touch offers the ultimate selection of plastic paints.

  • Choice of 42 colours
  • Fast drying formula
  • Suitable for interior or exterior use
  • Leaves a smooth and durable finish
  • Available as Leaves as a gloss, satin or matte
  • Easy to apply via the 400 ml aerosol
  • During testing, we found that we went through the aerosol fairly quickly whilst covering plastic garden furniture

To conclude, the Rust-Oleum Painters’ Touch is the best paint for plastic surfaces that’s available in a wide selection of colours. It’s relatively affordable, easy to apply and leaves a durable, perfect finish every time.

2. Best Spray Runner-Up: Plasti-Kote 10607 Plastic Paint

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Plasti-Kote is another brand that produces a wide range of paints and the 10607 is their dedicated paint for plastic. It’s available in five different colours and the brand states it’s best used on rigid plastic surfaces.

  • Dedicated paint for plastic surfaces
  • Leaves behind a glossy finish
  • Doesn't require a primer
  • Best used for outdoor furniture
  • Only available in five colours

Overall, the plastic paint by Plasti-Kote is an excellent all-round option that’s ideal for a range of plastics. It’s important to note that it does leave a slight glossy finish, which may or may not be ideal for certain plastic surfaces.

3. Most Durable Spray: Hycote The Perfect Finish

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Another popular multi-purpose paint that can be used on plastic surfaces is the Hycote paint. It’s available in a choice of five colours and the brand state that it provides excellent adhesion and durability upon primed surfaces.

  • Choice of 12.5, 150 and 400 ml spray cans
  • Fast drying formulation
  • Excellent coverage per can
  • Resists discolouration and fading
  • Only available in 5 different colours

Overall, the Hycote Spray Paint is an affordable option that provides professional results with ease. For the best finish, it’s recommended that you apply multiple light coats and allow the paint to fully dry between coats.

4. Best Value: 151 Spray to Plastic Paint

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151 Spray to Plastic Paint

The 151 Spray To Plastic is another dedicated paint for plastic that can be sprayed directly onto the surface without priming. It’s available in a choice of four colours and leaves a glossy weatherproof finish.

  • Direct application straight onto the plastic surface
  • Provides a durable gloss finish
  • Resists all weather conditions
  • Limited selection of colours (only 4 available)

The 151 Plastic Paint is an easy to use spray paint that can be sprayed directly upon the majority of plastic surfaces. It isn’t the cheapest but it leaves a professional finish that can withstand all types of weather and won’t disappoint.

5. Best Brush-On: Rust-Oleum Universal Paint

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Another paint by Rust-Oleum is their universal formula, which is ideal for painting anything from garage doors to plastic surfaces. It’s one of the best multi-surface paints on the market today and it can be easily brushed onto any plastic surface without the need of requiring a primer.

  • Choice of 15 colours
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Paint and primer in one
  • Resists staining and other defects
  • Available in a range of finishes
  • 9 m2 coverage per litre
  • Requires 16 hours between coats (touch dry within 2 hours)

If you would prefer to brush the paint onto a plastic surface, the Rust-Oleum Universal Paint is by far the best option. It’s available in a range of colours and provides a highly durable finish that won’t disappoint.

6. Best Brush-On Runner-Up: The One Multi Surface Paint

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Another universal paint for plastic surfaces that can be brushed on with ease is by “The One” brand. It’s a water-based paint and primer in one that only requires a single coat on most surfaces.

  • Available in six different colours
  • No undercoats or primers required
  • Water based and non toxic formula
  • Suitable for the majority of surfaces
  • Fast drying and only requires one coat
  • Most expensive within our roundup

Overall, it’s an excellent all-round universal paint that’s easy to apply and covers well with minimal streaks. Whether you are looking for paint for plastic or your front door, it does exactly what it sets out to do on the tin.


Whether you are painting outdoor furniture, toys or other surfaces, our list of recommendations above are more than capable of providing a high-quality finish. Painting plastic in particular isn’t difficult and the majority of universal paints are more than capable of providing long-lasting results. However, to avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend cleaning the plastic surface to the best of your abilities beforehand for an ultra-smooth finish to the paint.

If you require further information regarding any of our plastic paint recommendations, feel free to get in touch and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.

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