The Best Smart Radiator Valves For Room-By-Room Heating Control

Discover the convenience and energy-saving benefits of smart radiator valves (Smart TRVs) with our hand picked selection.
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Best Smart Radiator Valves
Richard Morgan/DIY Works
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Although you can use a smart thermostat to control your home’s heating, a smart radiator valve allows you to operate the radiators separately. They are a great addition to any central heating system because they allow you to have complete control of any radiator via a smartphone application or even through voice commands and other smart devices.

When compared to standard thermostatic radiator valves, the smart alternative is a great upgrade. The added convenience of simply programming schedules as well as other intuitive functionality make them a worthwhile investment. However, it’s important to note that they may require a smart system/controller and they aren’t standalone. This is due to the internet connection requirement, which allows them to be remotely controlled via a smartphone app.

To help you choose a suitable smart TRV for your central heating system, our hand-picked selection features top-performing valves chosen through our first-hand experience using multiple, the latest research and testing.

tado Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit
Best Overall: tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit
Netatmo Smart Radiator Valve
Best All-Rounder: Netatmo Smart Radiator Valve
Honeywell Home HR924UK Smart TRV
Best With Display: Honeywell Home HR924UK Smart TRV
Drayton Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostat
Best Value: Drayton Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostat
Hive Smart Heating TRV
Most Aesthetically Pleasing: Hive Smart Heating TRV
Eve Thermo Smart Radiator Valve
Best Bluetooth: Eve Thermo Smart Radiator Valve
Eqiva Bluetooth Smart Radiator Valves
Best Value: Eqiva 142461A0 Bluetooth Radiator Valves

How The DIY Works Team Tests & Rates The Smart TRV’s

Controlling our properties with a variety of smart radiator valves has not only made us more energy efficient but it’s also far more convenient too. Although they aren’t the cheapest accessory, they’ve paid for themselves already in our home and we would highly recommend them. When compared to early versions, the latest range of smart TRV’s also look far better too. As you can see in the photo of one of our Tado radiator valves, the design isn’t obtrusive and it looks great when installed to a radiator.

best smart trv

Richard Morgan/DIY Works

As well as our experience of using a range of smart TRV’s, we also based our recommendations upon hours of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we considered included their connectivity, compatibility with other smart devices, supplied hardware, programmable modes, design, warranty and value.

As shown in the photos below, we installed and tested both the Hive and Tado smart radiator valves. When installed to the radiator, they both looked great and clearly displayed the temperature and its status (i.e. “OFF”).

smart trv

Richard Morgan/DIY Works
smart thermostatic radiator valves

Richard Morgan/DIY Works

In order to test out the various smart radiator valves, we also had to install different smart heating systems. For example, as shown in the image, to install and test the Hive smart TRV’s, we replaced all of the valves in the house and also installed a new thermostat.

Although we didn’t have to replace all the valves, we decided to do it primarily to have full control of the heating within one of our Airbnb’s. Therefore, using the Hive application on our phone allowed us to heat up certain rooms of the property.

smart thermostat radiator valve

Richard Morgan/DIY Works

The Best Smart Radiator Valves

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1. Best Overall: tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit

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The tado° smart radiator valve set is a complete out of the box solution that comes with two thermostats, an adapter set and an internet bridge. Once setup, you are able to control the valves using the smartphone application or even through voice commands using the Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple HomeKit.

When using these valves, the brand claim that they’ll automatically cut your energy bills by up to 31%. This is made possible by the application taking into account the weather forecasts, the phone’s location, detection of any open windows and so much more. It really is a clever bit of kit that contains a host of intuitive smart features.

  • Horizontal or vertical valves available
  • Dedicated smartphone, tablet and PC application
  • Energy saving optimised algorithms
  • Compatible with the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit
  • Box includes the TRV’s, adapter sets and internet bridge
  • Easy energy tracking via the application
  • More expensive than other smart TRV's available

Although relatively expensive, the tado° smart radiator valve set is a highly efficient option that includes a wide range of automatic features to maximize energy cost savings. The brand also provide both vertical or horizontal valves to best suit the majority of radiator designs too. We’ve been using these smart radiator valves for over a year now and they’ve certainly reduced our energy consumption and we would highly recommend them.

2. Best All-Rounder: Netatmo Smart Radiator Valve

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Netatmo are a popular brand in the UK that produce a wide range of smart heating devices. Their radiator valves in particular are a highly rated option that they claim will work with over 90% of radiators installed in UK homes.

Unlike some of the alternatives, the Netatmo application offers far more functionality. Some of the features include room-by-room scheduling, comfort or economy modes as well as energy usage tracking for each room of the house.

Another great bonus of these smart radiator valves are that they are compatible with the Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This means you can use various voice commands to control the heating of each room.

  • Compatible with over 90% of radiators
  • Box includes all the fixtures and fittings
  • Energy class A++
  • Room-by-room heating
  • Open Window Detection to automatically adapt
  • Energy use tracking
  • Compatible with the Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Relatively expensive when compared to the alternatives

Overall, the Netatmo smart radiator valves are one of the best options that are packed full of functionality. They do come with a premium price tag and require the thermostat or valve starter kit but you won’t regret buying them.

3. Best With Display: Honeywell Home HR924UK Smart TRV

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Honeywell are a highly reputable heating brand in the UK and their radiators valves offer many unique features. The standout feature is of course the display, which outputs the zone name, set temperature and other important data.

In terms of connecting the smart radiator valves to your heating system, you will require the EvoHome thermostat controller. This acts as the hub and also allows you to connect other devices to the system.

  • Easy to read backlit LCD display
  • Display can be tiled for easy viewing
  • Two year battery life (batteries are very easy to replace)
  • Custom programmable modes
  • Attractive design with a white finish
  • Box includes adapters, brackets and batteries
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTT
  • Bulky in size due to the digital display

To conclude, the smart radiator valves by Honeywell are a highly rated option that are easy to install and can be controlled anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. If you already have the EvoHome thermostat controller installed, they will also be the most cost effective solution too.

4. Best Value: Drayton Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostat

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A more affordable smart radiator valve is by the Drayton brand and it’s designed to work alongside the Wiser smart heating system. Once setup, you can also connect the valves to other smart devices such as the Alexa or Google Home.

According to the brand, you are able to add up to 32 radiator valves in up to 16 different rooms using their application. This is far greater than many of the alternatives and may be required for large households or businesses.

  • Simple screw on and off installation
  • Works with 90% of existing valves
  • Dedicated smartphone application for complete control
  • Compatible with Google Home, Alexa and IFTT
  • Room-by-room control
  • Connectivity range of 24 to 40 feet
  • Requires the Wiser smart heating system to connect to the internet

Overall, the Drayton Wiser is an excellent all-round smart radiator valve that offers excellent value for the money. It does require the Wiser smart heating system but if you have it already installed, these smart TRV’s tick all the boxes.

5. Most Aesthetically Pleasing: Hive Smart Heating TRV

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Hive is one of the most popular smart heating brands in the UK and once you have completed the initial setup of their system, additional devices take seconds to connect. Their smart radiator valves are designed to link up to the “Hub” and be controlled via Hive’s smartphone application. However, it’s worth pointing out that unlike other Hive devices, you don’t actually require the Hive system in order to use these smart TRV’s.

In terms of what’s included, the smart radiator valves are supplied with M30 valve adapters and two AA batteries.

  • Choose the exact temperature you require
  • Easy to use dedicated Hive application
  • Simple unscrew and screw on installation
  • Very aesthetically pleasing when compared to other smart TRV's
  • Desirable digital display that shows the current temperature
  • Requires the Hive "hub" for connection to the internet

If you already have a Hive Active heating system installed, these smart radiator valves are the best option. They allow you to control everything from the application without having to switch to another. However, if you use another smart system, the Hive valves are a premium option that don’t offer as much functionality when compared to the alternatives.

6. Best Bluetooth: Eve Thermo Smart Radiator Valve

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If you want to fit a smart radiator valve that doesn’t require a hub to connect to the internet, the Eve Thermo is the perfect solution. It’s the brand’s new and improved model that connects to the Eve smartphone application (via Bluetooth) in a matter of minutes. However, if you have an Apple HomeKit installed, you can access a range of WiFi based features.

  • Allows you to setup up to 7 programs upon the application
  • Application, Siri and manual control of the radiator valve
  • New and improved generation with additional features
  • Easy to fit and connect to the brand's application
  • Doesn't require any registration or personal details
  • Uses Bluetooth to connect to the application
  • Only works with iOS devices such as the iPhone or iPad

To conclude, if you want a Bluetooth based smart TRV, you can’t go wrong with the Eve Thermo. However, if you already have Apple HomeKit installed, these smart radiator valves come with even more features (such as Siri), which makes them a great option to consider. However, for non-iOS users, we would recommend an alternative because this smart radiator valve is only suitable for those with iOS devices.

7. Best Value: Eqiva 142461A0 Bluetooth Radiator Valves

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One of the cheapest smart radiator valves available are the Bluetooth controlled Eqiva set. They are a fraction of the cost when compared to the alternatives but offer very similar functionality. For example, the brand have their very own dedicated iOS and Android application that can support up to 5 TRV’s in a single room and even manage up to 10 rooms.

  • Dedicated smartphone application
  • Clear digital display
  • Manual features such as two control buttons and a temperature dial
  • Weekly schedules for 7 times a day
  • Controls up to 5 radiators per room
  • Management of up to 10 rooms
  • Not as aesthetically pleasing and quite bulky
  • Limited range with a Bluetooth connection (when compared to a WiFi connection)

To conclude, they are cheap smart radiator valves that are easy to install and allow you to choose the exact temperature you require. It’s worth pointing out that the brand also offer non-Bluetooth valves with the same great features. However, without the Bluetooth connection they won’t feature the desirable remote application control.


Smart radiator valves are an excellent addition to any smart heating system. They allow you to control the heating on a room-by-room basis and become even more energy efficient.

All of our recommendations are suitable for a range of budgets and are manufactured by reputable brands. To ensure the installation goes smoothly, we advise that you stick to the same brand used for your existing smart heating system. Another bonus of remaining with the same brand is that you can control the radiators without switching between applications on your smartphone or tablet too.

If you require further information with regards to smart radiator valves, feel free to get in touch and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.

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