The Best Steam Cleaners For Deep Cleaning Without Chemicals

Experience the power of steam with our handpicked selection of steam cleaners that clean and kill bacteria without harsh chemicals.
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Best Steam Cleaner
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Steam cleaning is the best way to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria without using any chemicals. It’s a safe, healthy and natural way to clean your home and there are plenty of machines to choose from to suit your budget and cleaning requirements.

To assist you in selecting a steam cleaner, our handpicked selection lists top-performing models, chosen based on our first-hand experience using multiple machines to clean a variety of surfaces. Our testing and up-to-date research further ensure the quality of our recommendations.

Best Overall: Dupray NEAT
Kärcher SC4 EasyFix
Best Performing: Kärcher SC4 EasyFix
Best All-Rounder: BISSELL PowerFresh Slim
Best Handheld: Comforday HH2214 Steam Cleaner
VonHaus Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner
Best Handheld Runner-Up: VonHaus Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

How The DIY Works Team Tests & Rates Steam Cleaners

As we own a number of properties (rentals and Airbnb’s), we find ourselves cleaning various surfaces regularly. Whether we need to clean bathroom tiles, grease in the oven (as shown in the photo below) or any other tough dirt, the steam cleaner is the go-to machine we use due to its effortless cleaning power and the fact that no chemicals are required.

Over the years, we’ve tried and tested a variety of machines that come in the form of full-sized and handheld steamers. Both have their pros and cons and depending on the cleaning task in hand will decide the machine we tend to use.

During our ongoing testing of the steam cleaners, we analyse the machine’s performance, runtime, ease of use and all of the functionality that it provides. They are also used to clean multiple types of tough dirt and a range of surfaces.

best home steam cleaner

Richard Morgan/DIY Works
best steam cleaner uk

Richard Morgan/DIY Works

To keep up our commitment to reviewing and testing the latest steam cleaners (for this article), we are continually testing out the latest offerings from top brands in the UK. This means that when we notice a brand has released a new and improved model, we will attempt to upgrade the machine where possible for testing.

best handheld steam cleaner uk

Richard Morgan/DIY Works
best multi purpose steam cleaners

Richard Morgan/DIY Works

As well as our testing and experience of using multiple steam cleaners, we also based our recommendations on the latest research and several factors. Some of the factors we took into consideration included the machine’s performance, runtime, ease of use, the time it takes to warm up, power cord length, modes/functionality, warranty and value.

The Best Steam Cleaners

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1. Best Overall: Dupray NEAT

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The Dupray NEAT is by far one of the most popular steam cleaners in the UK and for good reason too. This is because it’s a heavy-duty machine that’s ideal for all types of cleaning and can heat up to up to 275°F/135°C.

Included with the steam cleaner is an 18-piece professional accessory kit, which allows you clean and refresh any surface.

  • Large capacity tank at 1,600 ml
  • Provides up to 50 minutes of cleaning
  • Takes 7 minutes to warm up
  • Heats up to 275°F/135°C
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • 5 metre power cord and 2 metre steam hose
  • CE and RoHS complaint
  • Extra long power cord
  • During testing, we found that it lacked variable steam modes

To conclude, if you are looking for an excellent all-round steam cleaner that combines performance and value for money, the Dupray NEAT is the best option. It’s efficient, reliable and suitable for cleaning all surfaces.

2. Best Performing: Kärcher SC4 EasyFix

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The Karcher brand is well-known for its pressure washers but they also produce a variety of other products such as the EasyFix steam cleaner. This model in particular is a powerful machine that follows the brand’s great reputation and it comes as a complete kit for tackling all types of dirt on any type of surface.

The steam cleaner itself features a 800 ml tank capacity that provides a maximum steam pressure of 3.5 bar and up to 4 minutes of cleaning.

  • 2,000W heat output
  • Easy to fill 800 ml tank
  • Provides 4 minutes of cleaning at max pressure
  • Includes 8 multi-functional accessories
  • Low noise output of 52 dB
  • Most expensive within our roundup

To conclude, the Karcher SC4 EasyFix is a high-quality steam cleaner and the fourth generation of the EasyFix range. It’s compact and lightweight, which makes taking it around the house far easier than many of its competitors.

3. Best All-Rounder: BISSELL PowerFresh Slim

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For those that want the best of both worlds, the BISSELL PowerFresh is a 3-in-1 steam cleaner that converts from a floor to a handheld steamer. It’s able to convert with ease and comes as a complete kit, which includes an extension wand, large foot, cleaning pads, filter, wall mount, tools and other accessories.

A unique and very useful feature is the onboard storage, which allows you to store the provided tools whilst cleaning.

  • Takes just 30 seconds to heat up
  • Intuitive digital touch controls
  • Swivel steering that improves manoeuvrability
  • On-board tool kit for easy access to tools
  • Supplied with a wall mount, tools and accessories
  • During testing, we found that it only provided up to 15 minutes of runtime

Overall, the BISSELL PowerFresh is a versatile steam cleaner that’s slim, lightweight and powerful. Features such as the swivel steering and onboard storage make it far easier to use when compared to similarly priced alternatives.

4. Best Handheld: Comforday HH2214 Steam Cleaner

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By far the most popular handheld steam cleaner is the Comforday Steamer, which is an affordable yet high-performing option. It comes packed with 9 different accessories, which makes it suitable for all types of cleaning.

In terms of performance, it provides 1050W of power, which provides steam up to 270F, which lasts 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Quick Steam technology for fast warm up
  • Provides powerful steam for up to 20 minutes
  • Supplied with a 9 piece accessory kit
  • Suitable for most exterior surfaces
  • Weighs just 1.5 KG
  • We felt that the construction quality could be improved

Overall, the Comforday Steamer is the best handheld steam cleaner on the market and also one of the cheapest. It ticks all the boxes and is ideal for small steam cleaning tasks around the house where soap and water simply doesn’t do the trick.

5. Best Handheld Runner-Up: VonHaus Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

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For those on a tight budget and require an affordable alternative, the VonHaus steam cleaner is a great option. It’s a handheld steamer that’s suitable for most surfaces and includes an impressive two-year warranty for peace of mind.

In terms of its performance, it has a 250 ml tank that’s capable of producing 0.32 bar and 8 minutes of continuous steam.

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Deliver 8 minutes of continuous steam
  • Supplied with six accessories
  • Backed by a two year warranty
  • From our testing of this model, we found that it struggled with stubborn stains

Overall, the VonHaus handheld steam cleaner is an affordable yet high-powered option that won’t disappoint. It isn’t going to match the performance of full-sized steamers but it provides superior cleaning power when compared to similarly priced alternatives.


Steam cleaning surfaces around your home is far more effective than soap and water. The high temperature and vapour molecules penetrate all types of dirt and quickly kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

All of our recommended steam cleaners are suitable for all types of budgets and include handheld and full-sized options. Purchasing from a reputable brand is highly advised but many of the cheap options do come with a few years’ warranty for complete peace of mind.

However, it’s worth pointing out that if you are using the power of steam to clean wooden, tiled or laminate floors, you may be better off purchasing a quality steam mop instead. For anything else, steam cleaners are the go-to cleaning device and a worthwhile investment.

If you require further information regarding any of our steam cleaner recommendations, feel free to get in touch and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.

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