The Best Tile Cutters for Quick, Precise Cuts

From ceramic to base tiles, our handpicked manual and electric tile cutters ensure accurate cuts without the risk of shattering or chipping.
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Best Tile Cutter
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To achieve flawless cuts for your tiling projects, having the right tool can make all the difference. Tile cutters, available in both manual and electric variants, are essential for accurately cutting tiles and there are plenty of cutters to choose from at your disposal.

When deciding between electric and manual tile cutters, the type of tiling project may determine which is the best cutter to use. For example, manual tile cutters are ideal for carrying out straight, accurate cuts and they are very easy to use. However, you are often limited to the type and size of tile you can cut and it can be easier to break the tile too.

Electric tile cutters on the other hand require minimal physical effort and they can be used to achieve precise cuts on a range of tiles. However, they do have some negatives as they are more expensive, require a power source, can be noisy and achieving perfect straight cuts can be challenging as the diamond blade can cause chips to certain types of tile.

If you are unsure of which tile cutter is best suited to your tiling project, we created an in-depth guide to cutting tiles where we use both types of tile cutter.

To assist you in selecting the right tile cutter, our handpicked selection lists top-performing models, chosen based on our first-hand experience cutting a variety of tiles. Our testing and up-to-date research further ensure the quality of our recommendations.

Vitrex Power Pro Tile Saw
Best Electric: Vitrex Power Pro Tile Saw
Vitrex 12593 Pro Flat Bed Tile Cutter
Best Manual: Vitrex 12593 Pro Flat Bed Tile Cutter
RUBI Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Cutter
Best Professional: RUBI TS-MAX Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Cutter
Draper 49417 Tile Cutting Plier
Best Handheld: Draper 49417 Tile Cutting Plier
Einhell TC-TC 618 Tile Cutter
Best Budget Electric: Einhell TC 618 Tile Cutter
VonHaus 430 Tile Cutter
Best Budget Manual: VonHaus 430 Tile Cutter

How We Rated

A tile cutter is an essential tool for any type of tiling and we’ve had the pleasure of using a variety of both manual and electric tile cutters over the years. From cutting small ceramic tiles for a kitchen backsplash to professional tiles cutters that we’ve used for cutting thick porcelain tiles, we’ve tested multiple as shown in the photos below from recent projects.

During our ongoing testing, we analyse the tool’s build quality, accuracy (guides and measurements), ease of use, blade quality, portability and any additional features that it has to offer.

best tile cutter uk

David White/DIY Works
best manual tile cutter

David White/DIY Works

To keep up our commitment to reviewing and testing the latest tile cutters (for this article), we are continually testing the latest tools from top brands in the UK. This means that when we notice a brand has released a new and improved tile cutter, we will attempt to buy it and put it to the test (where applicable).

best tile cutter for porcelain

David White/DIY Works
best electric tile cutter

David White/DIY Works

Below is a video that we posted on our YouTube channel that shows us testing one of our top-rated electric tile cutters. As you can see in the video, we were able to precisely cut the tile with ease and as it’s water-cooled, the machine keeps the blade cool to prevent the tile from cracking.

As well as our testing and experience using multiple tile cutters, we also based our recommendations on the latest research and several factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the tile cutter’s build quality, accuracy (guides and measurements), portability, ease of use, cutting capacity, tile compatibility, safety features, blade quality, noise level, warranty and value for money.

The Best Tile Cutters

At DIY Works, our content is 100% independent and we would never recommend a product that we wouldn't use ourselves (read our editorial standards and how we test products).

1. Best Electric: Vitrex Power Pro Tile Saw

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Vitrex is a brand that specialises in tiling tools and equipment and as you would expect, they have a selection of tile cutters to choose from. However, their flagship electric tile cutter is known as the Power Pro and it’s a 650W machine that features a 180mm continuous rim diamond blade that effortlessly cuts a variety of tile materials.

In terms of its cutting capacity, the brand states that it’ll cut tiles up to 30mm thick and it can also tilt by 22.5 and 45 degrees for mitre cuts. Another feature that we like about this particular model is that it also features a double extension table, which means it’s able to tackle larger tiles too.

  • Achieves extra-clean cuts thanks to its diamond blade
  • Uses an advanced water recirculation system to keep the blade cool
  • Cuts up to 30mm thick which makes it suitable for the majority of tiling projects
  • Mitre cuts are easy to achieve thanks to its tilting functionality (22.5 and 45 degrees)
  • Easy to transport and relatively lightweight for an electric machine (9KG)
  • Designed and developed by a reputable UK brand
  • Easy to assemble, setup and use
  • Relatively expensive when compared to other electric tile cutters

Although expensive when compared to other electric tile cutters, the Vitrex Power Pro is well-made and packed full of intuitive features to ensure you can accurately cut a variety of tiles. We’ve owned and used this particular machine for many years now and apart from changing the blade, it has been faultless.

2. Best Manual: Vitrex 12593 Pro Flat Bed Tile Cutter

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One of the most popular tile cutters on the market is another option by the Vitrex brand and it’s known as the Pro Flat Bed. Available in 600, 630 or 900mm sizes, it’s a heavy-duty tile cutter that’ll easily cut natural, ceramic and porcelain tiles with maximum accuracy. Whether you are a professional or DIY enthusiast, it’s easy to use and it’s also built to last.

In terms of its cutting capacity, the tungsten carbide cutting wheel will cut floor and wall tiles up to 12mm thick.

  • Heavy-duty steel construction with an adjustable cutting guide
  • Available in multiple sizes (600, 630 and 900mm)
  • Cuts ceramic, terracotta, quarry and porcelain tiles up to 12mm in thickness
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Dual chrome plated rails that ensure smooth scoring
  • Offers great value for the money
  • Designed and developed by a reputable UK brand
  • During testing, when cutting large tiles, we found that it does slightly flex in the middle

To conclude, the Vitrex Pro Flat Bed ticks all the boxes and it’s one of the best manual tile cutters that combines affordability, a high-quality construction and performance into one package. Whether you are cutting ceramic or porcelain, it’s a well-made tile cutter that’s easy to use and certainly won’t disappoint.

Regarding our negative point, to prevent any issues with flexing, when working with large tiles at full length, you just need to snap the tile from the top edge instead of the middle.

3. Best Professional: RUBI TS-MAX Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Cutter

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If you are a professional or an avid DIY’er who loves tiling, you would’ve heard of the RUBI brand. This is because they are known for their high-quality tile cutters and if you are looking for the best money can buy, the MAX series is a great option to consider. With lengths ranging from 430 to 750mm, a size will be available to best suit your requirements.

Stand-out features include a high-performance breaker, ergonomically designed handles, patented “SMART POWER” precision cutting, a high-quality construction, one-handed scratching and separating of tiles and so much more.

  • Built to the highest of standards
  • Breaking pressure rated at 800KG
  • Robust construction with a reinforced base
  • Cuts tiles up to 15mm thick
  • Ergonomically designed handles for comfortable extended use
  • One-handed scratching and separating of tiles
  • Most expensive tile cutter within our roundup

Overall, the RUBI TS-MAX is the best tile cutter for professionals who require maximum precision when working with all types of tile. It’s packed full of intuitive features and no other tile cutter comes close to its construction quality. It’s worth mentioning that if you need to cut thicker or longer tiles, the brand offers several other models.

4. Best Handheld: Draper 49417 Tile Cutting Plier

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One of the cheapest methods to cut a tile is to use a dedicated plier and by far the most popular handheld option is by the Draper brand. As you would expect from the reputable brand, the tool itself is built to a high standard and as long as you scribe the tile correctly, it’ll be able to cut glass, ceramic or stone tiles up to 16mm thick.

  • Integrated tungsten carbide cutting wheel for scribing tiles
  • High-quality tool that's designed by a reputable brand
  • Cuts tiles up to 13mm in thickness
  • Features rubber grips for a secure hold of the tile without marking it
  • Spring loaded handles for additional control
  • Although it features a cutting wheel, during testing we had to use a dedicated tile scriber instead
  • Only suitable for snapping tiles

For snapping tiles that have been correctly scribed, the Draper Cutting Plier is a quick and effective tool to use. However, the plier is best used for small cuts and detail work as opposed to cutting a large quantity of tiles or making long straight cuts. Therefore, we would advise using these pliers alongside an electric or manual tile cutter for big projects.

5. Best Budget Electric: Einhell TC 618 Tile Cutter

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Electric tile cutters are known for being expensive but the reputable Einhell brand offers a budget-friendly solution. Known as the TC 618 model, it’s a 600W machine that features a diamond-tipped cutting disc and a water-cooling system to ensure you can tackle most tile-cutting tasks with ease.

  • Compact design that's easy to transport and store
  • Cutting disc swivels up to 45 degrees
  • Backed by a 3 year warranty
  • Robust all-steel construction
  • Offers excellent value for the money
  • Easy to use and achieve accurate cuts thanks to the parallel guide
  • Bench size for cutting the tiles is only 330 x 360mm and this can make cutting large tiles difficult when using the safety guard
  • Supplied blade could be improved (we purchased an upgraded blade during testing)

To conclude, the Einhell TC 618 offers the best value and its popularity is a clear indication of its quality. Apart from struggling with large tiles, it’s a well-made tile cutter that can be used to cut a variety of tile materials. If you wish to further improve this particular model, we would recommend buying an upgraded cutting disc to complete the package.

6. Best Budget Manual: VonHaus 430 Tile Cutter

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One of the cheapest manual tile cutters that’s actually worth buying is by the VonHaus brand. With a cutting capacity of 430mm and a tungsten carbide blade, it’s more than capable of cutting the majority of tiles with ease.

Compared to other cheap tile cutters, VonHaus has done a great job at ensuring it performs just as well as the premium alternatives listed within our roundup. With features such as the tungsten carbide blade, ergonomic handle and an anti-sliding surface, it’s a great bit of kit for the money.

  • Easy to use with a built-in measuring guide
  • Suitable for cutting tiles up to 430mm long and 12mm thick (according to the brand)
  • Lightweight (3KG) and portable construction
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable use
  • Offers outstanding value for the money
  • During testing, we found that it struggled with 8mm or thicker tiles even though the brand state that it's capable of cutting up to 12mm

For cutting thin tiles with ease, the VonHaus tile cutter is a great budget-friendly option to consider. When compared to other cheap tile cutters, it’s built to a much higher standard and for the money, you can’t go wrong. As long as you aren’t cutting porcelain or tiles thicker than 8mm (from our testing), you won’t be disappointed considering its price.


Whether you are tiling your bathroom or hallway or need to cut porcelain or any other type of tile, a high-quality tile cutter is an essential tool for the job. The ability to achieve clean, accurate cuts quickly not only saves time and effort but also ensures the final result is structurally sound and looks perfect.

All of our recommendations cover a selection of electric and manual tile cutters to best suit your budget and experience level. However, if you require further information regarding our tile cutter recommendations, feel free to get in touch and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.

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