The Best Toilet Seats For Added Style, Comfort & Practicality

While it lacks glamour, choosing the right toilet seat for your bathroom is made much easier with our handpicked selection.
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Best Toilet Seat
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Choosing a toilet seat that compliments your bathroom’s design can be difficult as there are so many styles to choose from. Whether you require a standard, soft close, wooden or even a bidet type, most either come in a round or D-shaped design.

Before purchasing a toilet seat, you’ll want to ensure it’s compatible with UK standard sizes. However, to make your decision easier, all of our recommendations are compatible and they also include clever hinges to prevent movement and to make the installation much easier.

To help you choose the right toilet seat, our hand-picked selection features top-performing seats chosen through our first-hand experience installing multiple designs, testing, and the latest research.

Mass Dynamic Soft Close Toilet Seat
Best Overall: Mass Dynamic Soft Close Toilet Seat
Home Standard Luxury D-Shape
Best D-Shaped: Home Standard Luxury D-Shape
Bemis Buxton Stay Tight
Best Value: Bemis Buxton Stay Tight
Croydex Rutlands Solid Oak Toilet Seat
Best Wooden: Croydex Rutlands Solid Oak Toilet Seat
ECOSPA Luxury Square Toilet Seat
Best Square: ECOSPA Luxury Toilet Seat
Homecraft Ashby Raised Toilet Seat
Best Raised: Homecraft Ashby Raised Toilet Seat
FLORYEU FBD600 Bidet Toilet Seat
Best Bidet: FLORYEU FBD600 Bidet Toilet Seat

How The DIY Works Team Tests & Rates The Toilet Seats

Every household in the UK will have a toilet with a seat installed and over the years we’ve installed plenty. Whether it’s a toilet seat for the family bathroom or an en-suite, we’ve fitted a whole range of styles. Two features that we personally always look for include a quick release and soft close mechanism as shown in the image of our en-suite toilet. We require these features because they make cleaning the toilet far easier and they also stop the noise of the seat slamming onto the toilet.

best soft close toilet seat

Richard Morgan/DIY Works

To rate the toilet seats within this article, we based our recommendations on our experience of fitting a range of toilet seats, hours of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the style, build quality, sizes available, soft close and quick release mechanisms, quality of the installation hardware, warranty and value.

If you’ve never installed a toilet seat before, we’ve written an in-depth guide that walks you through the installation process.

The Best Toilet Seats

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1. Best Overall: Mass Dynamic Soft Close Toilet Seat

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The Mass Dynamic is a soft-close toilet seat that’s high quality and has been designed to be easy to install. It also uses a dual fixing system that allows you to remove the toilet seat in seconds for cleaning the hard-to-reach areas.

In terms of its compatibility, it’s designed to fit most standard UK toilets and it measures 46 cm x 37 cm in size. It’s also built to last with a heavy-duty urea-formaldehyde plastic construction that’s scratch-resistant and provides a ceramic feel.

  • Desirable soft close hinges
  • Quick release mechanism for easy cleaning
  • Stylish and versatile design
  • Adjustable hinges to suit all toilets
  • Both top and bottom fixings
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Includes all hardware
  • Affordable yet high quality
  • Due to its lightweight design, the soft close feature means that it can take a while to close

To conclude, the Mass Dynamic toilet seat is an excellent replacement that combines a versatile design and value for money. The desirable 360 adjustable hinges and quick release mechanism also makes it easy to maintain and install.

2. Best D-Shaped: Home Standard Luxury D-Shape

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The D-shaped toilet seat is a popular design that’s found in many UK households and the Home Standard brand offers multiple D shape styles. Each of the seats they offer provides soft close mechanisms and has a stylish curved front.

In terms of the sizing of this particular seat, it measures 36.2 cm x 44.5 cm in size but there are other sizes available.

  • Robust Duroplast construction
  • Top fix with quick release
  • Luxury white finish
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Soft close is guaranteed with 100,000 cycles
  • Quite bulky in size (may look odd on small toilets)

If you require a D-shaped toilet seat, the Home Standard is the best option with square edges and a curved front. The brand also offers a range of other high-quality toilet seats that may also suit your requirements too.

3. Best Value: Bemis Buxton Stay Tight

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The Bemis Buxton is a cheap toilet seat that’s made from a recyclable tecno-plast material. According to the brand, it’s virtually unbreakable and this is due to its superior durability when compared to similar priced alternatives.

The brand also states that the seat stays up to 30 times tighter to the toilet when compared to regular fixing systems.

  • Patented STA-TITE fixing system (it really doesn't move from our testing!)
  • Long lasting construction
  • Compatible with most universal shaped pans
  • Adjustable plastic hinges
  • Design isn't as luxury as the alternatives toilet seats

If you want the best toilet seat that doesn’t move and is also relatively affordable, the Bemis Buxton Stay Tight is the perfect solution. It’s compatible with most UK toilet sizes and it only requires a 13 mm spanner for tightening.

4. Best Wooden: Croydex Rutlands Solid Oak Toilet Seat

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The Croydex Rutlands is a wooden toilet seat that’s available in several different styles. The most popular is the desirable solid oak, which uses Flexi-Fix grip pads to ensure that the toilet seat doesn’t move. As the brand includes V-plate adjustable hinges in the box, you are able to install this toilet seat to the majority of UK standard sizes.

  • Soft close action to prevent slamming
  • Quick release mechanism for cleaning
  • High quality solid oak construction
  • Top and bottom fixing hinges
  • Available in multiple wooden finishes
  • Chrome plated hinge covers
  • Anti-bacterial finish
  • Most expensive non-bidet toilet seat within our roundup

Wooden toilet seats are very popular but finding one that ticks all the boxes can be difficult. However, the Croydex Rutlands is the perfect solution and there is a range of different wood finishes to choose from that include moulded wood, solid oak, pine and many others.

5. Best Square: ECOSPA Luxury Toilet Seat

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The ECOSPA is a square toilet seat design that’s made from a durable and recyclable Duroplast material. Unlike the Home Standard D-shaped seat, the ECOSPA is more of a square design but it’s still considered as a D-shaped seat. It’s a high-quality example that measures up to 44.2 cm x 35.5 cm in size and is suitable for most UK toilet pans.

  • One button quick release mechanism
  • Soft closing action
  • Top fixing hinges
  • Luxury white finish
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Includes a 5 year guarantee
  • Relatively expensive when compared to the alternatives

Overall, the ECOSPA square toilet seat is a simplistic yet stylish design that will make a great addition to any bathroom. Unlike similar designs, it also offers excellent value for money with a long guarantee for peace of mind.

6. Best Raised: Homecraft Ashby Raised Toilet Seat

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If you require assistance, choosing a raised toilet seat that’s designed for the elderly or disabled is the best option. The Homecraft brand offers three different raised seat heights that include 2, 4 and 6 inches of additional height. Their toilet seat is a one-piece construction that’s made from polyethylene and is suitable for users that weigh up to 190 KG.

  • Permanent anti-bacterial qualities
  • Simple to install or remove
  • Attaches using adjustable fixing brackets
  • Lightweight at just 2.8 KG
  • Multiple sizes to choose from to best suit your toilet
  • The size you choose is crucial to how well it works for your requirements

If you have a low toilet in your home and struggle to sit down, this raised toilet seat is the perfect solution. Unlike many of the raised alternatives, the Homecraft Ashby is much easier to install and remove.

7. Best Bidet: FLORYEU FBD600 Bidet Toilet Seat

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Using a smart bidet toilet seat may not be suitable for some but it can be very desirable for many others. Although they aren’t as popular in the UK, elsewhere in the world, they can be found in many bathrooms.

This bidet toilet seat by the FLORYEU brand is a popular option that’s designed for UK toilets and includes 12 functions that can be controlled from the remote control on the side of the seat.

  • Max weight capacity of 200 KG, which is far greater than other bidet toilet seats
  • Multiple functions (12) available from the touch control panel
  • Backed by a 2 year warranty
  • Excellent build quality
  • One of the most expensive bidets on the market

The FLORYEU FDB600 isn’t the cheapest bidet toilet seat on the market but when compared to cheaper alternatives, it’s well-made and includes a warranty. Therefore, if you require a high-quality, multi-functional bidet toilet seat and aren’t too worried about the price tag, the FDB600 model is the best option.

Toilet Seat Buying Guide

Toilet seats are available in several different styles that are suitable for most UK standard sizes. There are also many specialized seats that are elevated for disabled users or even include electronic functions. To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding toilet seats.

Styles Available

The three main types of shapes used by manufacturers are round, D shaped and square. Round seats are found in older bathrooms and are ideal for providing the traditional look and feel to your bathroom.

D-shaped seats are the more modern equivalent of the round seat and are ideal for modernising the bathroom. Square seats are similar to the D-shaped seat but have 4 curved edges, which provides a modern look and feel.

If you are disabled, elderly or injured, you may want to look into raised toilet seats, which are installed in the same way. They provide the much-needed elevation that helps to make sitting down and getting up less painful.

For those who are tech-savvy or like the idea of added functionality, the bidet toilet seat may be an option to consider. They include self-cleaning, heating and many other features to improve your experience of using the toilet.

Best Toilet Seats

Richard Morgan/DIY Works

Construction Materials

Most toilet seats are made from wood or plastic and they both have their own benefits and drawbacks. The wooden toilet seat provides a solid seating platform and is available in many different finishes to best suit your bathroom. However, they are often more expensive than the plastic alternatives and they can also be scratched easily.

Plastic toilet seats on the other hand are available as a thermoplastic or duroplast, which are durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. However, the main disadvantage of plastic seats is that they do get cold in the winter and they are prone to cracking if aggressively shut.

UK Standard Size

Toilets seats come in a range of different shapes and sizes and this means that you’ll want to ensure that the one you buy is compatible with your toilet. It’s advised that you measure the length, width, height and the distance between each of the fixing holes. With these measurements, you’ll be able to make an informed buying decision to which seat is best suited to your toilet. Once it arrives, you can install the seat to the pan without any compatibility issues.

Soft Close

One of the most desirable features of the best-rated toilet seats is the soft close mechanism. Rather than having to manually place the seat down, you can simply tap the seat without the worry of it slamming down or making a loud noise.

Quick Release

Another popular feature that allows for easier maintenance of the toilet is a quick-release function. Rather than having to unscrew a bolt to remove the toilet seat, you can simply press a button to release the toilet seat from the hinges. The benefit of this is that you’ll be able to clean the hard-to-reach areas with little difficulty.

Fittings and Hinges

The quality of the fittings and hinges can be the difference between a cheap and premium toilet seat. Many manufacturers include dual fixing systems, adjustable 360-degree hinges and much more. This can make the installation go far more smoothly and ensure that the toilet seat doesn’t move.


All of our recommendations include the most popular styles as well as specialized designs. Depending upon your budget, we highly recommend that you spend slightly extra for a higher quality seat that’ll also be longer lasting. To ensure that you aren’t disappointed, measure the existing toilet seat and try to match the size with the replacement.

If you require further information regarding our toilet seat recommendations, feel free to get in touch and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.

Toilet seats can become loose over time and need to be tightened to avoid any damage. Therefore, to tighten a toilet seat, follow the below steps:

  1. Locate the screws holding the toilet seat.
  2. Centre the seat on the toilet.
  3. Tighten the screws holding the seat.
  4. Ensure the screws are tight.
  5. Sit on the toilet seat and ensure it doesn’t move.

It’s worth noting that for older seats, you may need to apply WD-40 to help loosen the nut.

The main types of toilet seats that you can install to a toilet are round, D shape, square, raised or bidet designs. Each has its own pros and cons and it’s a matter of personal preference to which you would prefer to install to your toilet.

We would state that removing an old toilet seat and installing a new replacement is a DIY task that anyone can achieve. The majority of toilet seats only require loosening and tightening two screws and it should take you less than 30 minutes to complete.

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