The Best UPVC Cleaners For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Bring back the shine and lustre to your UPVC surfaces with our handpicked selection of cleaners.
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Best UPVC Cleaner
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UPVC is a low-maintenance surface that’s suitable for indoors and all types of weather outdoors, however, eventually it’ll become dirty and in need of a clean. Therefore, whether you need to clean your conservatory, gutters, windows or garden furniture, a dedicated UPVC cleaner is highly recommended as it’ll speed things up and help you achieve a better finish.

To help you choose the best cleaner for your UPVC, our hand-picked selection features top-performing formulas chosen through our first-hand experience cleaning various types of UPVC surfaces, testing and thorough research.

HG UPVC Powerful Cleaner
Best Overall: HG UPVC Powerful Cleaner
Dirtbusters UPVC and Conservatory Cleaner
Best Heavy Duty: Dirtbusters UPVC and Conservatory Cleaner
Inspired UPVC Cleaner
Best Value: Inspired UPVC Cleaner
Rhino Goo! UPVC Cleaner
Best All-Rounder: Rhino Goo! UPVC Cleaner
Thompsons UPVC Restorer
Best Cleaner & Restorer Combo: Thompsons UPVC Restorer
No Nonsense uPVC Cleaner
Best For Regular Use: No Nonsense uPVC Cleaner

How The DIY Works Team Tests & Rates The UPVC Cleaners

Whether we are using UPVC cleaners indoors or outdoors, we’ve tried and tested a wide range of formulas over the years. As shown in the images below, we recently tackled a dirty UPVC fascia trim above a set of bifold doors with the HG formula (our best rated UPVC cleaner) and the results speak for themselves.

UPVC Cleaner

Richard Morgan/DIY Works
Best UPVC Cleaners

Richard Morgan/DIY Works
Before Cleaning UPVC

Richard Morgan/DIY Works
After Cleaning UPVC

Richard Morgan/DIY Works

The amount of dirt that came off the UPVC from a single wipe (as shown in the picture of the yellow cloth) was truly remarkable and it showed just how dirty the UPVC surface really was. As well as inside of the house, we’ve also tested UPVC cleaners outside too and below are the results of testing the HG UPVC cleaner upon very dirty gutters.

best cleaner for upvc

Richard Morgan/DIY Works
Cleaner For UPVC

Richard Morgan/DIY Works

As well as testing and our experience with a range of formulas, we also based our recommendations upon the latest research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included its effectiveness upon all types of dirt, ease of use, formulation, finish left behind, odour output and value for the money.

The Best UPVC Cleaners

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1. Best Overall: HG UPVC Powerful Cleaner

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By far the most popular UPCV cleaner in the UK is by the HG brand. It’s a solvent-based formula that’s designed to power through stubborn dirt and atmospheric contamination. According to the brand, it’s specially developed to be gentle on any type of synthetic frame, window or door.

  • Solvent based formula
  • Removes all types of dirt and grime
  • Suitable for all UPVC frames, door and windows
  • Easy to use and fast acting
  • From our testing, we found that we went through the bottle quite quickly

To conclude, the HG UPCV “Powerful” Cleaner is an excellent all-round option that’s able to power through any dirt on all synthetic frames, doors or windows. It also offers outstanding value for the money when compared to the alternatives.

2. Best Heavy Duty: Dirtbusters UPVC and Conservatory Cleaner

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An alternative to the liquid formulas is the Dirtbusters Cleaner, which comes as a paste formulation. The paste includes a unique blend of abrasives and cleaning chemicals that quickly and safely removes ingrained dirt.

In terms of its compatibility, it’s designed for all UPVC doors, windows, frames, facias, garden furniture and much more.

  • Cleaner and restorer
  • Solvent-free paste formulation
  • Pleasant citrus fragrance
  • Removes dirt, mould and weathering
  • Non-scratching compound
  • Most expensive cleaner within our roundup

Overall, the Dirtbusters UPVC Cleaner is capable of removing several years of built-up dirt in a single application and it won’t disappoint. It’s suitable for all types of UPVC and the paste formulation is also less messy to apply.

3. Best Value: Inspired UPVC Cleaner

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The Inspired UPVC Cleaner is another highly rated yet affordable option that’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Whether you need to tackle yellow marks, bird lime or everyday dirt and grime, the brand promises effective results.

  • Suitable for all UPVC
  • Removes all types of dirt and grime
  • Ideal for guttering and drain pipes
  • Effective on indoor and outdoor UPVC
  • Produces a strong odour whilst spraying (we had to wear face masks whilst testing it)

Overall, the Inspired UPVC Cleaner is a strong solution that’s easy to use and requires minimal pressure to wipe clear. The large 1 litre spray bottle also offers great bang for your buck when compared to similar sized formulas.

4. Best All-Rounder: Rhino Goo! UPVC Cleaner

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For those that want to buy a UPVC cleaner in bulk, the non-solvent formula by Rhino Goo! is an excellent option. It’s a concentrated formula that comes in a 5 litre bottle, which can then be diluted to make up to 50 litres of the cleaner.

In terms of its usage, it’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use and the whole bottle will easily clean your conservatory multiple times over.

  • Large 5 litre bulk buy container that dilutes to make 50 litres of cleaner
  • Leaves a water repellent finish
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Removes all types of dirt and suitable for all type of UPVC
  • Expensive to buy due to the sheer volume (5 litres) in the container

To conclude, the Rhino Goo! Cleaner is a multi-purpose UPVC cleaning solution that cleans, restores and revives. Whether you need to clean your whole conservatory or garden furniture, the non-solvent based formula won’t disappoint.

5. Best Cleaner & Restorer Combo: Thompsons UPVC Restorer

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The Thompson UPVC Restorer is a tough cleaning formula that works on all interior or exterior white UPVC. It’s a water-based cream formulation that simply wipes on and is then easily buffed off to reveal the cleaned UPVC.

  • Powerful and completely safe to use
  • Water based formula
  • Cream formulation that wipes on with ease
  • Easily buffed off to leave a smooth finish
  • Only available in a small 480 ml bottle (you may require multiple bottles depending upon how large the UPVC to be cleaned is)

Overall, it’s an excellent UPVC restoration solution that’s affordable and provides great results. It brings white UPVC window frames, doors or other surfaces back to life and leaves a smooth finish as an added bonus.

6. Best For Regular Use: No Nonsense uPVC Cleaner

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Another liquid UPVC cleaner that’s sprayed onto the surface is by the NO Nonsense brand. It’s a premium option that is designed to remove everyday dirt or grime and returns the surface back to a “like-new” condition.

In terms of its compatibility, it’s suitable for UPVC windows, doors, cladding, conservatories and garden furniture.

  • Non-scratch formula
  • Cleans and shines
  • Suitable for most UPVC surfaces
  • Easy to use and wipe clear

    Apart from the expensive price tag, the NO Nonense Cleaner for UPVC is a great option for everyday grime. However, compared to the alternatives, you’ll be paying far more for a very similar performance based product.


    Cleaning UPVC with standard soap and water won’t always be enough and you may need something stronger. This is where dedicated UPVC cleaners become very useful and most are suitable for all types of UPVC surfaces.

    All of our recommendations are suitable for all budgets and come as a liquid, cream or paste formulation. We strongly advise avoiding multi-purposing cleaners as they may cause adverse effects on the surface.

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