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Best Wallpaper Steamer
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Wallpaper steamers have been around for many years now and they are seen as an essential tool for wallpaper removal by many people. They are often referred to as a wallpaper stripper but regardless of what you call it, they are available in a variety of sizes and power ratings to best suit your requirements. Whether you need to remove vinyl, multi-layered, painted or textured wallpaper, there is a range of models to choose from at your disposal.

To assist you in selecting a wallpaper steamer, our handpicked selection lists top-performing models, chosen based on our first-hand experience removing a variety of wallpaper. Our testing and up-to-date research further ensure the quality of our recommendations.

BLACK+DECKER 2400 Wallpaper Stripper
Best Overall: BLACK+DECKER 2400 Wallpaper Stripper
Wagner SteamForce Stripper
Best Performer: Wagner SteamForce Stripper
Oypla Professional Wallpaper Stripper
Best All-Rounder: Oypla Professional Wallpaper Stripper
Earlex SS125 Wallpaper Steamer
Best Value: Earlex SS125 Wallpaper Steamer
Excel 2000 Electric Wallpaper Steamer
Fastest To Steam Up: Excel 2000 Electric Wallpaper Steamer
Nitaar 2000 Wallpaper Steamer
Best Budget: Nitaar 2000 Wallpaper Steamer

How The DIY Works Team Tests & Rates The Wallpaper Steamers

As we’ve renovated a number of properties that we own (rentals/Airbnb’s), a wallpaper steamer is a tool that we have had plenty of experience with.

We’ve also had the “pleasure” of removing a variety of wallpaper types including multi-layered to the dreaded woodchip that can be a nightmare to remove.

best wallpaper stripper

Richard Morgan/DIY Works

As you can see in the photo, we own multiple steamers because my partner and I usually tackle large wallpapered areas as a team. Over the years, we’ve tested several steamers and the desirable features that we look out for include long runtimes and a powerful input for faster “steam up” times. We focus on these factors the most because having to refill and wait for the steamer to get to the temperature can waste a lot of time.

Below is a video that we posted on our YouTube channel that shows us testing one of our recommendations. As you can see, it only takes approximately 15 seconds for the steam to loosen up the wallpaper ready for its removal.

To keep up our commitment to reviewing and testing the latest wallpaper steamers (for this article), we are continually testing the latest models offered by top brands in the UK. This means that when a brand releases a new and improved model, we will attempt to buy it and put it to the test (where applicable).

As well as our experience and testing of a range of wallpaper steamers, we also based our recommendations on the latest research and several factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included the power rating, runtime, tank capacity, build quality, design, safety features, steam plate size, cable and hose length, warranty and value.

The Best Wallpaper Steamers

At DIY Works, our content is 100% independent and we would never recommend a product that we wouldn't use ourselves (read our editorial standards and how we test products).

1. Best Overall: BLACK+DECKER 2400 Wallpaper Stripper

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By far the most popular and highly rated wallpaper steamer within this article is the BLACK+DECKER 2400. Although it isn’t the cheapest, it’s designed with performance in mind with a power rating of 2,400 watts. It also features a large 4-litre tank that provides up to 60 minutes of runtime between refills too.

  • Large steam plate to cover larger areas
  • Boil dry safety cut out
  • Safety release valves
  • Easy to refill from the tap
  • Intuitively design onboard hose and plate storage
  • Easy to view water level indicator
  • 3 metre power cable and 3.65 metre hose
  • Runtime is slightly less than the alternatives

To conclude, the BLACK+DECKER 2400 is the ultimate wallpaper steamer that heats up quickly and includes plenty of intuitive design and safety features. Whether you are tackling multi-layered, woodchip or any other type of wallpaper, this steamer will certainly improve your efficiency and it won’t disappoint.

2. Best Performer: Wagner SteamForce Stripper

(How We Review →)

Another wallpaper steamer that’s developed by a reputable brand is the Wagner SteamForce. According to the brand, it’s able to provide a runtime of up to 70 minutes and it also takes just 12 minutes to be ready for use.

A unique feature of this particular steamer is the fact that it has a dual wall rib design, which makes the external temperature much lower. The benefit of this is that it’s much safer to use than the traditional alternatives.

  • 2,000W power rating
  • 4 litre water tank capacity
  • 3.7 metre hose
  • Anti-explosion valve
  • New and improved design
  • Power cable is quite short (only 1.8 metres long)

Overall, the new and improved Wagner SteamForce is an excellent all-round option that’s backed by a reputable brand. Compared to the previous generation of this model, it offers improved performance, more safety features and the intuitive valve design for faster filling of water into the tank. Considering it’s made by the reputable Wagner brand, it also offers relatively good value for the money when compared to similar “big brand” wallpaper steamers.

3. Best All-Rounder: Oypla Professional Wallpaper Stripper

(How We Review →)

If you are looking for a more affordable wallpaper steamer that offers great performance, the Oypla Professional is the perfect solution. It has a 2200W power rating and a 4.5-litre water tank to provide a runtime of up to 70 minutes.

Another great bonus of this particular steamer is the large steam pad, which is 28 x 20 cm in size. This makes removing large amounts of wallpaper in larger areas far more efficient because you don’t need to move the steam pad as much.

  • Clear water level indicators
  • Ergonomic carry handle
  • Long 3 metre hose
  • Automatically controlled temperature
  • Requires assembling out of the box

To conclude, the Oypla Professional is by far the best wallpaper steamer for the money when you consider its performance and value. The only drawback is that it’s a basic steamer because it lacks additional features when compared to the premium alternatives. However, for tackling large areas of wallpaper, you can’t go wrong with the Oypla Professional and it certainly won’t disappoint.

4. Best Value: Earlex SS125 Wallpaper Steamer

(How We Review →)

Another relatively affordable and popular wallpaper stripper that’s available in the UK is the Earlex SS125. According to the brand, it’s able to remove all types of wallpaper and it’s ideal for beginners or first-time users.

  • 2,000W power rating
  • 70 minutes of runtime
  • 4 litre water tank capacity
  • Three way safety valve system
  • Ergonomic carry handle
  • Very basic with no standout features

Overall, the Earlex SS125 is a great option to consider because it’s built to a high standard and offers great value for the money. Its popularity is also a good indicator of its quality for complete peace of mind too.

5. Fastest To Steam Up: Excel 2000 Electric Wallpaper Steamer

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Another steamer that has a large water tank capacity of 4.5 litres is the Excel 2000. It’s a budget-friendly option that’s designed for all experience levels and is packed full of safety features for complete peace of mind.

  • Runtime of up to 70 minutes
  • 10 minute steam up time
  • Suitable for wallpaper and Artex
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Clear water level indicators

    To conclude, the Excel 2000 is a well-made wallpaper steamer that really does tick all the boxes. Compared to similar price alternatives, it’s faster to steam up and also features the desirable large water tank too.

    6. Best Budget: Nitaar 2000 Wallpaper Steamer

    (How We Review →)

    One of the smallest and cheapest wallpaper steamers available in the UK is the Nitaar 2000. According to the brand, it’s more than suitable for removing multiple layers of wallpaper and the compact design makes it much easier to move around too. It even features soft grip handles to make continuous use more comfortable, which is another great bonus.

    • Compact construction
    • 3 metre flexible hose
    • 2,000W power rating
    • Lightweight (Weighs just 2.2 KG)
    • Runtime of just 45 minutes

    Overall, the Nitaar 2000 is a cheap wallpaper steamer that offers plenty of performance considering its compact design. Whether you are tackling a small bedroom or simply want the cheapest steamer, it’s a great option to consider.


    Wallpaper steamers have been around for many decades now but the latest offer improved performance and are far safer to use. All of our recommendations listed above are suitable for all budgets and include steamers that offer long runtimes. If it’s your first time using a steamer for wallpaper removal, we wrote an in-depth tutorial that covers how to use them. However, if you need further assistance in terms of which steamer to choose, feel free to get in touch.

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