Concrete or Wooden Fence Posts?

Do you want the durability of concrete or the natural wooden appearance? We discuss everything you need to know about the two fence posts.
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Concrete or Wooden Fence Posts
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Fence posts are an essential part of your garden fence’s structural integrity and are available as concrete or wooden posts. Therefore, if your current garden fence has seen better days and you are ready to replace it, you’ll have the choice between the two types of posts, which each come with their own benefits and drawbacks.

After moving into a new house that required new fencing all around the garden, we carried out hours of research. When it came to choosing between concrete or wooden fence posts, we went with a combination. This is because the neighbours wanted to keep the costs down with the joint fence. However, as the rear fence was my responsibility, I went with concrete fence posts because of their durability.

If you are sitting on the fence (quite literally!) when it comes to choosing between concrete or wooden fence posts, our pros and cons of each will certainly help make your decision.

Why Choose Concrete Fence Posts?

Durability & Long-Term Use

One of the main advantages of using concrete fence posts is the fact that they are very robust. Unlike wooden posts, they aren’t a degradable material that rots and is subject to insect attacks. This means that they can easily last up to 25 years and with minimal maintenance.


Unlike wooden posts, concrete is much stronger and can withstand more force from high winds and other forces that the garden fence may need to defend itself against.

Concrete Fence Post

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Concrete fence posts require minimal maintenance when compared to the wooden alternative. If you are being fussy, you can give them a clean with soapy water but apart from that, you simply don’t need to do anything. If you use wooden fence posts, you will need to treat them every other year, depending on the timber they are made from.

Why Choose Wooden Fence Posts?


One of the main issues that many people have with concrete fence posts is their appearance. Unlike wooden fence posts that blend in much easier, concrete can often stand out between the trees, and it can ruin the natural appearance of your garden.

Another benefit of choosing a wooden fence post is that you can add decorative features such as fence post caps and post toppings.

However, it’s worth pointing out that if you want to improve the appearance of concrete fence posts, you could use masonry paint on the concrete. This helps them blend in better with the house or fence panels. You may also be able to purchase a colour that matches the fence paint that you intend to use on the panels.

Some people associate concrete fence posts as something you see in industrial estates, but for me, it really didn’t bother me, and I wanted durability over its appearance.

Wooden Fence Post

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Ease of Installation

As you can imagine, a concrete fence post weighs far more than a wooden alternative. Therefore, installing a fence with wooden posts is far easier, which reduces labour costs and the time to put up the fence in the first place.


The budget you have set aside for your new garden fence will be a big factor. Wooden fence posts are much cheaper than their concrete counterparts, and this includes the material itself as well as the installation.


Although very unlikely to happen, it’s possible for someone to slide the fence panels out of position when using concrete fence posts. This is due to the fact that they aren’t affixed to the posts with screws. Wooden fence posts on the other hand have the panels screwed directly into them, which makes removing them far more difficult.


Hopefully the above guide will help your decision to choose between wooden or concrete fence posts. As mentioned above, we went for a combination, but it really does come down to your personal preference. Many people don’t like the aesthetics of a concrete fence post, but on the flipside, many people want the durability that they offer.

If you have been doing your research, you may have also come across DuraPost fence posts. They are made from steel and combine the benefits of both wooden and concrete fence posts. However, they aren’t as popular due to the fact they cost far more than the wooden or concrete fence post alternatives.

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