How To Clean Shower Glass

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How To Clean Shower Glass
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Without regularly cleaning shower components that feature glass, dirt, watermarks and limescale can start to build up. This has the effect of making your stylish mixer shower look nothing like it did when it was first installed.

The main reason why shower glass becomes so dirty is due to soap scum residue from soaps and shampoo. However, if you live in an area with hard water, this also adds to the dirt that’s need to be cleaned from the glass.

However, returning the sparkle back into your shower by simply cleaning the glass is very easy to do and there are many methods that you can use to achieve perfection.

Preparation Before Cleaning

Before attempting to clean shower glass, you want to remove anything that’s attached to your shower screen. This can include anything from stick on shelves to shower curtains. Once everything has been removed, you will want to clean each item because they may hold dirt and you wouldn’t want to attach them back once the shower glass is cleaned.

Before moving onto the below cleaning methods, we advise that you use a standard cleaning products to dampen the glass and then wipe it down with a sponge or cloth. This removes a large portion of dirt in order to give the cleaning methods below the best chance of working their magic.

Methods To Clean Shower Glass

1. White Vinegar

Using white vinegar is one of those cleaning hacks that never fails to disappoint and is great for cleaning shower glass. For the best results, we recommend using a diluted mixture of white vinegar to spray your shower enclosure and then buff it away using a soft cloth. Many people also have success using baking soda and water but for us, a diluted white vinegar mixture is the best method that consistently works.

2. Dedicated Shower Cleaning Products

Using an “off the shelf” shower cleaning solution is also recommended for tackling stubborn steaks and limescale. However, when it comes to selecting the product, you want to ensure that it’s suitable for use upon shower glass.

3. Window Vac

Using one of the best rated window vacs such as the Karcher WV6, you can effortless clean shower glass on a regular basis. Simply spray the brand’s provided/your own cleaning solution upon the glass and then use the window vacuum to remove it to leave a streak-free finish. They are also great tools for cleaning tiles and other components around your home. This method of cleaning is most suitable for regular cleans.

Helpful Cleaning Tips

Depending upon how dirty the shower glass is, it’s much easier to clean if its been primed with heat. Therefore, cleaning the glass once you’ve had a hot shower will help loosen any stubborn stains.

Another top tip is to begin cleaning from top to bottom because any dirt water will run down the glass. Therefore, if you have just cleaned the bottom, you will need to clean it again if dirty water has trickled down it.


To avoid the need to deep clean shower glass, regular cleaning on a monthly basis at a minimum is highly recommended. The three cleaning methods above are the most popular but there are even people using WD-40 to clean the glass in the shower believe it or not! However, for the best results when cleaning shower glass, we recommend white vinegar or a dedicated cleaning spray for a deep clean and a window vac for quickly cleaning the glass.

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