How To Install A Key Safe

Use our step-by-step instructions to easily install your key safe in six straightforward steps.
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How To Install A Key Safe
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The popularity of key safes has greatly increased over the last few years, and they are the perfect solution for people with elderly family members, holiday lets, or Airbnbs.

Key safes are normally well-made, and they are a great bit of kit that can be easily installed by anyone without the need of a professional. To help with the installation, most brands include all of the hardware required to install a key safe within the box and instructions.

However, if you have yet to purchase a key safe yourself, our tutorial guide below shows you how to install a key safe in just six steps.

As you can see in the image above, we installed one of our best-rated key safes on one of our Airbnb properties for this tutorial. Known as the Supra C500, it’s a police-approved key safe that’s built to last and one that we highly recommend.

Where To Put A Key Safe

Before installing a key safe, you will want to think about the best place that you wish to locate it. Our recommendation of the best location to put a key safe is somewhere that’s out of view but still receives some light for anyone who uses it.

Ideally, you also want it to be easily accessible without reaching or bending over in awkward positions. However, it’s important to note that most brands state that it shouldn’t be installed upon the edge of a wall and that it should be at least 6 inches away.

What You’ll Need

How To Install A Key Safe

1. Set The Code

Before installing your key safe, it’s recommended that you set the code beforehand, as it’s much easier to do it now before it’s mounted to the wall.

2. Drill Mounting Holes

Use the mounting hole template to mark the drill holes in the wall. Once the holes have been marked out, drill the holes using a corded hammer drill and a masonry bit.

3. Clear Any Dust & Debris

Before placing in any of the rawlplugs, use a brush to clear away any dust and debris.

how to fit a key safe

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4. Position The Key Safe

Position the key safe so that the newly drilled holes line up with the screw holes inside.

5. Tighten The Screws Inside

Tighten each of the screws required to mount the key safe. You’ll want to tighten each screw bit by bit and ensure that the screw heads fit snugly against the back of the key safe.

6. Test Locking & Unlocking

Now that you have installed the key safe, you can test that the code works and that it securely locks in place.

How To Change The Code

Depending upon the key safe you are using will determine the method to which you change the code. However, the majority follow similar steps to change the code on the key safe:

  • Open the cover
  • Press and hold the “clear” button
  • Enter the existing code and then turn the open dial
  • Slide the plastic instruction card on the lid and remove
  • Turn the open dial back to its locked position
  • Use the plastic instruction card to turn all the grey dials to the “off” position
  • Use the card to turn the grey dial 180 degrees until the button pops back up completely
  • Set your new code and then place the card over the back of the lid
  • Test that the new code works

How To Open It Without A Code

If you need to open a key safe without a code, you can do so by removing it from the wall. This can be achieved by locating the screws from within the vault and using heavy-duty power tools to gain access to the screws.


Although a key safe is relatively easy to install, you will want to follow the brand’s instructions very carefully. The reason we are stating this is because it may invalidate the security rating certification as well as any warranty. The above steps walk you through everything you need to know regarding the installation of key safes. However, depending on the key safe you choose, there may be some differences due to the amount of different key safes on the market.

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